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measure up for a CoolBoard...

Before buying a CoolBoard, please read this page. Like with many things in life, to get the most from your CoolBoard, it needs to be the right size for you. There is also an element of personal preference in it!

Adults and Teenagers:

Shoe size 9 and above - a Large - defo

Shoe size 7 - 8 - you'll find the Medium easier to begin with but once you've got the hang of it you may find it restrictive in which case you'll have much more fun on a Large - our recommendation!

Shoe size 6 and under - defo go for the Medium unless you're up for a very big challenge!

Children - this depends very much on growth, weight and physical development. If you are light, small and have poor balance go for the Small. If you already do board sports, or feel you could quite easily, go for the Medium. - If in doubt, give us a call and we'll try and help

Too small and you'll feel the movement is restricted, and your feet'll look silly overhanging the board

Too large and you'll probably fall - not good. This is the most important bit of the spec. We want to give you the biggest play area possible, but if the ball can go beyond where you can exert your weight, you're screwed...

All you need to do is check where you feet come on our scale.

You can safely ride a board too small for you, it'll just limit your movement, but you should never ride a board too big for you.

So if you plan on sharing your board with a friend or more, order for the smallest feet between you all.

Buy now, complete with training ball plus riders ball

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