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    CoolBoard was originally developed as a surf balance trainer - and it's the best you'll get due to our unique and patent protected movement. Since then we've been stoked to see how much good it also does for your surf fitness, pop-up training and injury protection.

    "...having not surfed for a whole year, I was better than before! - how, by using my CoolBoard."


    Proper board training - balance in all directions at once - like you do on the water

    When you ride your surfboard it moves in all directions, rocking and sliding. Fore to aft (foot to foot) control is vital, rail to rail (toe to heel) is crucial for your turns.

    CoolBoard is the only UK balance board that gives you full balance control in all directions, both rock and slide – foot to foot and toe to heel.

    So if your sport uses a board nothing else will give you the control that CoolBoard training will give you.

    Beware of lesser balance boards and wobble boards that limit movement, these either rock with no slide, or only slide from foot to foot – the easy bit! You'll need our full patent protected movement

    For the experienced – hone your skills between shreds... Beginners – get the best head start

    CoolBoard will also increase your strength and endurance, meaning you can push it further for longer... so you can hit it big and find it easier to keep technique as you get tired. see more in tabs

    So next time the conditions are right – don’t play catch-up – be ready!


    Not just about balance...

    Your core connects all your major body parts and is where all your movement begins. Your joint stabilising structures give you the strength to control and move a limb (arm or leg) with accuracy. So having strong joint stabilising structures and core will allow you to move your body with more strength, power and accuracy – or to put in another way – SHRED HARDER FOR LONGER!

    Instability training works these often under-developed areas of fitness, and because CoolBoard offers more instability than other trainers (Bosu, wobble boards, other balance boards, swiss and gym balls, foam pads, etc) its way more effective – you must react to every little movement, constantly working all those little important muscles.

    Just balancing on CoolBoard balance board fires up most muscles from your toes to your chest, including the all important joint stabilisers and core... our other exercises will allow you to further target these as well as working your upper body. [more about these benefits][more about our exercises]


    Research has shown that a weak core and/or joint stabilising structures are major contributions to injuries – having a bulging bicep doesn’t mean you can control it! Prepare with CoolBoard and you’ll be less likely to suffer an injury.

    Re-injury is common when these aspects of strength haven’t been focussed on, so if you’re recovering from injury, or think you have but occasionally feel a twinge... spend a bit of time on a CoolBoard to give your body the best chance...

    In the press
    as a board simulator, CoolBoard rocks, and rolls! Giving more movement than any other balance board, learning to CoolBoard will leave you ready next time you can hit the waves and once you’ve got this down, you can progress to carves and grabs also helps your pop-up training by doing push-ups with your hands on it


    OH MY!!!! i have been teaching board sports for years now, I've tried every balance board ever made, they are all okay but nothing comes close to the coolboard


    did it help me surf? Yes… first time i went i managed to stand up and surf the very first wave

    Oli Adams

    CoolBoard rules!
    CoolBoard CoolBoard