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Medium (shoe size 1-7), Large (shoe size 7+)

Grip Colour

Black, Blue, Green, Red

Pro Ball Choice

Standard, Slow, Quickness

Our Ultimate Package  is simply the best balance exerciser available – as it says on the tin!

Coming with our Large Pro Ball this balance board will give you the best balance training and balance exercises available anywhere.

Get our lovely smooth and predictable patent protected movement with our Pro Balls in the size both we and our customers prefer.  Being that bit bigger it just does everything better.

As standard you get the perfect stance and rock solid platform of our unique balance boards.

Add our Easy Start Balance Disc to your package for just that, an easy start!

Comes with

  • CoolBoard in Medium or Large
  • Large Size Pro Ball in your choice of speed
  • 7 Step Workout Wall Chart
  • Optional Easy Start Disc
  • How To guide

Our Large Pro Ball is our most expensive ball, and for good reason.  Not only do they cost a fortune to make, and took an awful lot of development, most importantly, they are the best ball to balance a balance board on period.

This is why we had them specifically developed for CoolBoard.  When we first developed CoolBoard we knew it would be the worlds best board for balance exercises, so we also knew we needed a ball to match.

Made from solid Polyurethane by the UK’s leading polyurethane manufacturer nothing else comes close in providing a gloriously smooth and consistent movement with unrivaled durability.

Choose your speed for balance exercises

Our Pro Balls come in three speeds.  You can also adjust the speed by choosing the floor you use it on, squidgier = slow and vice versa.

Most people will find the Standard Speed ideal, always giving a good fun challenge and effective balance exercises, with an acceptable learning curve.

If you are in rehabilitation or are nervous of balance training do try the Slow.

If you really want to challenge yourself, and preferably have some balance training experience, or love your board sports, go for the Quickness!

Easy Start Balance Disc

We all want as easy start every now and again.  Maybe you are new to balance exercises.  Or you wish to use your CoolBoard at a standing desk to bring a little movement into your sedentary work day.  Or maybe your recovering from an injury.  Or you might just wish to share your CoolBoard with a loved one not quite as able as you.

Whatever the reason, our Easy Start Balance Discs are the perfect solution.  The 40 cm will give much stability, ideal for the standing desk and early rehab.  The 30 cm is more nimble providing a great stepping stone towards the ball and a great alternative to the ball to keep your workouts mixed, interesting and more effective.

CoolBoard balance board, perfect for balance exercises

Optional Easy Start Disc