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Medium Pro Ball & optional Easy Start Disc

The perfect balance between performance and confidence



key features

The perfect balance of confidence & performance

A sweet spot for many – needs a little more conviction than the Small Ball, but rewards with better performance.

However dynamically you ride you’ll never catch a corner on the floor.

Choice of Slow, Standard and Quickness Speeds.

Add the Easy Start Balance Disc to your package for just that, an easy start!

coolboard balance board medium ball

Medium Ball – 5 inch / 125mm

The perfect balance of confidence & performance

Choice of Slow, Standard and Quickness Speeds

CoolBoard balance board Top and bottom image

Rock solid Balance Platform

The same board as all our CoolBoard Packages

30mm thick quality Birch Ply handmade in UK

Zero flex and will last a lifetime

Size specific to keep you safe on the Ball

CoolBoard wobble board

Easy Start Balance Disc – Optional

Easily inflatable by mouth – Adjusts height, tilt angle & stability

40 cm is more stable – 30 cm is more nimble

For an easy start – Perfect for Standing Desks, keeping active as you age, child development & physiotherapy

CoolBoard balance board workout and instructions

Core Workout & Instructions

Quick to learn with our fully illustrated instructions

Exercises – not just for standing – CoolBoard will give your Core and Joint Stabilisers the best workout possible – the magic of 3D movement!

Also effective on the Disc for a more gentle intro

Perform Better, live longer, be happier

…OH MY!!!! i have been teaching board sports for years now, I’ve tried every balance board ever made, they are all okay but nothing comes close to the coolboard…

SUP Instructor


  • CoolBoard in Medium or Large
  • Medium Size Pro Ball in your choice of speed
  • 7 Step Workout Wall Chart
  • Optional Easy Start Balance Disc
  • How To guide


Our Balls have been specifically developed for CoolBoard offering unparalleled balance training.  Made from solid polyurethane they will last a lifetime and are always ready to go.  Just pick your speed based on your skill and wanted challenge.

The Medium sized Ball is a great all-round ball, being the middle ground between our Starter Package with the Small Ball and the Ultimate Package with the 6 inch Ball.

Keeping you reasonably close to the ground to aid confidence and ease of ‘pop-up’, but high enough to enjoy spirited riding, and better exercise experience.  The bigger the ball the better it works and feels.

balance board ball, wobble board ball

Ball Speeds

Our Standard Speed Ball is the best for most people. Easily manageable after a short learning curve, and always nicely challenging.

Our Slow Ball is good for rehabilitation and nervous users.

Our Quickness Speed Ball ups the anti, for the fastest movement and biggest challenge.


A soft floor will slow the movement, use carpet or ideally an exercise mat.

A hard floor will speed it up, laminate flooring is always challenging.

You can also use the Ball as a 1.3 kg medicine ball.

For a gentle start

You can add an Easy Start Balance Disc to your balance trainer package making it the worlds best wobble board.

The 30 cm will give a faster movement whereas the 40 cm will give you a more stable start.

Both are adjustable, simply add or remove air using your mouth.

showing CoolBoard wobble board adjustability - two sizes of disc - both adjustable by inflation by mouth

By adding a Disc you get a 2-in-1 Balance Trainer, the Disc for the best way to start balancing and gently introduce movement while standing, sitting or exercising, and the Ball for unrivaled 3D movement for when you’re ready to step up.

Traditional wobble boards are inexpensive, but they suffer from a narrow uncomfortable stance, little to no adjustment, and fixed movement that is often either too challenging, or not challenging enough.

CoolBoard on a Disc solves all of these issues, meaning your use, enjoyment and benefits will all be significantly increased.

The board gives plenty of room to choose your stance while fully supporting your feet, and is rock solid for added confidence.

The Discs, inflatable by mouth, increase (and decrease) in height, tilt angle and stability simultaneously.  Providing you with a much better experience and allowing you to adjust the challenge in a natural and linear manor as and when you need to.

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 We only sell direct – this is how we supply a far superior balance board at a similar price to common roller balance boards.