original package

Inflatable Ball & optional Easy Start Disc

Our budget package – A great entry into the world of CoolBoard.

This is our most affordable CoolBoard Package and provides our full 3D patent protected movement so you can benefit from the best exercise board experience.

At 7 inches this is our biggest ball and so takes some confidence to get going on.

You can add our Easy Start Balance Disc to use it as a superb wobble board for an easy introduction.

You will need a pump, preferably with gauge, to inflate and pressure check the ball regularly.

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  We only sell direct – this is how we supply a far superior balance board at a similar price to common roller balance boards.

Inflatable Ball for CoolBoard Balance Board

Unique 3D Movement on the Ball

The best, most effective and fun Balance Training

The Original comes with our Inflatable Ball

– Saves on price but you will need a pump

Our largest ball at 7 inches – confidence required

showing close up of top of CoolBoard balance board

Rock solid Balance Platform

30mm thick quality Birch Ply handmade in UK

Zero flex and will last a lifetime

Size specific to maximise balance & keep you safe

The same board as all our CoolBoard Packages

Image of CoolBoard wobble board, Medium, on 40 cm balance disc, 3/4

Easy Start Balance Disc – Optional

Tilt & Height Adjustable with a Good Stance

The world’s best Wobble Board

For an easy start to your balance training

Perfect for Standing Desks, keeping active as you age,

child development and physiotherapy

CoolBoard balance board core exercise workout, A3 wall chart, free with all packages, free to download,

Core Workouts – 

Unbelievably Effective

Core Workout A3 Wall Chart included

Use anywhere with a flat surface

Easy to store and transport

Home, office, gym

…Board arrived and it’s exactly what I was looking for.  A serious challenge and great fun. I’m enjoying using the board immensely and know it will greatly improve my balance…

Andrew Taplin – customer

Original Package – no Disc

This Exercise Board Includes

  • CoolBoard in Medium or Large
  • Inflatable Ball
  • Optional Easy Start Balance Disc
  • A3 Workout Wall Chart
  • How To guide

Exercise Board and a Balance Board

The patented movement of balancing on a ball means CoolBoard is the worlds best balance board and a highly effective core exercise board.

Standing on it will work your whole body below your chest in a balanced way.  Our highly effective exercises will target almost any part of your body from head to toe.  Whatever you do your core will get a proper workout.

CoolBoard balance board wobble board exercise workout balance

Perfect Balance

Wobble Board Exercises for balance - Squat

Easy Start on our Disc

showing CoolBoard wobble board adjustability - two sizes of disc - both adjustable by inflation by mouth

The best Wobble Board

Our Easy Start Balance Discs makes the perfect stepping stone for those wanting a gentle start before progressing onto the Ball.

The Disc gives the movement of a wobble board, but with a superior stance and added adjustability.  Perfect for:

  • Early rehabilitation and physiotherapy post injury
  • Standing Desk Work
  • Elderly and Young
  • Degenerative / recurrent disability therapy

Available in two sizes

30 cm Disc gives more nimble movement – good balance training

40 cm Disc is more stable – recommended for standing desk work and anyone worried about balance training.

Adjustable by inflation

So you can start with a very small amount of movement of just a few degrees.  As you improve in confidence and ability you can simply add more air for more movement.

Inflatable Ball

Good for home use – our budget Ball

Strongest balls of this type – Made by Molten

Buy replacements direct from us at a good price – do not try a different ball

You will need a pump to inflate the ball and to pressure check it regularly

Pressure check every 1 – 2 weeks depending on use

Replace every 6 months – 3 years depending on use

Or upgrade to one of our fantastic ProBalls at any time – smoother movement, last a life time and never need a pump!

Inflatable Ball for CoolBoard Balance Board

original package

CoolBoard balance board ball and easy start disc



Add Easy Start Disc?

  Free 24 hr UK delivery       Worldwide shipping       21 day returns       Handmade, local & eco

  We only sell direct – this is how we supply a far superior balance board at a similar price to common roller balance boards.