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Inflatable Ball – our home starter package

This is our most affordable CoolBoard Package and provides our full patent protected movement so you can benefit from the best exercise board experience.  A great entry into the world of CoolBoard.

You can add our Easy Start Balance Disc to use it as a superb wobble board for an easy introduction.

You will need a pump, preferably with gauge, to inflate and pressure check the ball.

This Exercise Board Includes

  • CoolBoard in Medium or Large
  • Inflatable Ball
  • Optional Easy Start Balance Disc
  • A3 Workout Wall Chart
  • How To guide

Exercise Board and a Balance Board

The patented movement of balancing on a ball means CoolBoard is not only the worlds best balance board, it is also a highly effective exercise board.

Standing on it will work your whole body below your chest.  Our highly effective exercises will target almost any part of your body from head to toe.  Whatever you do your core will get a proper workout.

Inflatable Ball

Much like a bike tyre, pressure is everything for your Inflatable Ball.  This gives the bonus of being able to slightly adjust the speed of movement by adjusting the pressure – the firmer it is the faster it will go and vice versa.

Similarly, however, you will also need to keep your Ball at the right pressure and it will need replacing occasionally.   How often will depend on how dynamically you use your CoolBoard and how much you weigh.

Use it as a Wobble Board

Our Easy Start Balance Discs makes the perfect stepping stone for those wanting or needing a more gentle start before progressing onto the Ball.   The Disc gives the movement of a wobble board, but with a superior stance and added adjustability.  Perfect for:

  • Early rehabilitation and physiotherapy post injury
  • Standing Desk Work
  • Elderly and Young
  • Degenerative / recurrent disability therapy

Go for our 30 cm Disc for a more nimble movement.  Choose our 40 cm Disc for a more stable start, recommended for standing desk work and anyone worried about balance training.

Both Discs are adjustable by inflation, so you can start with a very small amount of movement of just a few degrees.  As you improve in confidence and ability you can simply add more air for more movement.

More Inflatable Ball info

Roughly speaking, you will want to pressure check every couple of weeks to maintain good movement. The ball will need replacing every 6 months to 3 yrs.

Our Inflatable Balls are supplied by Molten because they own the patent for making the strongest balls of this type, so they will work better and last longer than any other inflatable ball.  Please only replace with another Molten ball – we supply the correct replacement balls at a good price.

If you wish to use you CoolBoard regularly, and the idea of using a pump regularly seems annoying, then have a look at our Balance and Ultimate Packages.  These come with one of our Pro Balls which we have specifically developed for CoolBoard use.  Being solid they offer a smoother movement, and never need pumping or replacing, however they do cost more.

That said, many of our customers have used their Inflatable Ball for many years more than happily.

CoolBoard balance board, perfect for balance exercises

Optional Easy Start Disc