CoolBoard grip tape



Grip-Tape pre-cut for your CoolBoard.

To refresh your worn Grip-Tape, or give your CoolBoard a fresh look and colour.

Available in Blue, Red, Black or Green.

Easy to replace at home with no tools.

If you have an older CoolBoard please advise us to get the right shape.

Grip-Tape Replacement Instructions

  1. Get your existing Grip-Tape nice and warm.  You can use a hairdryer, or lean it up against a warm radiator for a few minutes.
  2. Peal your existing Grip-Tape off and bin it.
  3. You may wish to clean your CoolBoard before applying the new Grip-Tape, but it is not necessary.
  4. Take your new Grit-Tape.  Peal about 2 inches of the backing away from one end and fold it over.
  5. Accurately position the new Grip-Tape on your CoolBoard.  When you are happy press down the end you have exposed.
  6. Holding the stuck end down, peal the backing away and discard.
  7. Smooth the Grip-Tape down starting at the already stuck end to avoid any air bubbles.
  8. If you do get any air bubbles, simply take a sharp knife and prick the bubble through the Grip-Tape.  The tiny hole will be unnoticeable.

Enjoy your fresh grippy CoolBoard!!