CoolBoard Surf Trainer

Start learning to surf at home and get the most out of your lessons

The closest you can get to surfing without getting wet



how CoolBoard improves your surf skills

Standing on a surfboard is not easy – it takes a lot of skill and balance.  CoolBoard is your short-cut.  Use it to practice at home and save hours of expensive lesson time.

CoolBoard moves like a surfboard – working in 3D, sliding and tilting in all directions.  CoolBoard makes learning and improving your surfing much easier and quicker, and its fun.

CoolBoard Surf Trainer includes everything you need to get from newbie to everyday surfer and beyond: CoolBoard with DuraGrip, Standard Speed Ball and our Full-Body Workout Wall Chart.

CoolBoard balance board is also extremely versatile – not only will your balance and board control improve, so will your core strength, and your general fitness.  Following the workout will massively increase your surf strength.

Handcrafted from 30mm birch ply, CoolBoard is eco-friendly and will last a lifetime. And we’re so confident you’ll love your CoolBoard we offer a 21-day no-quibble money-back guarantee, use it, abuse it, and if you really don’t like it, return it.

If you’d like any advice do get in contact – 0117 949 8338 and [email protected] – we don’t bite and we’re rather knowledgeable!

…having not surfed for a whole year, I was better than before! – how, by using my CoolBoard…

Andy – Customer