beginner, rehab & standing desk package

The superior wobble board

Disc size affects price



key features

The perfect easy introduction to balance training

• Coming with a choice of Discs no Ball providing easy access to the benefits of balance training

• CoolBoard on a Disc is the ultimate wobble board excellent balance platform ultimate adjustability far more pleasurable experience

• Ideal for Standing Desk Work, the Elderly & Young, and for Physiotherapy.

• Includes Core Busting Workout & Fully Illustrated Instructions

• You can add one of our Balls in the future if you wish to progress further.

CoolBoard wobble board 30cm disc

Perfect easy introduction

Ideal for

  • Standing Desk work
  • Keeping active as you age
  • Child development
  • Physiotherapy

Fully adjustable movement

Easily inflatable by mouth.

Adjusts height, tilt angle & stability

40 cm is more stable

30 cm is more nimble

You can add a Ball in the future

CoolBoard balance board Top and bottom image

Rock solid Balance Platform

Perfect stance & full foot support

Zero flex and will last a lifetime

30mm thick quality Birch Ply handmade in UK

The same board as all our CoolBoard Packages

CoolBoard balance board workout and instructions

Core Workout & Instructions

Get the best from your CoolBoard

Clear A3 Wall Charts with images

Disc exercises – easier than on the ball

Easy to store and transport

Home, office, gym

…the specialist thought i had stretched my acl and advised trying to strengthen the muscles around my knee for extra stability as surgery wasn’t an option.  the cool board has proved brilliant, and as it is good fun using it i find i go on it a lot more then if i was just doing some exercises…

A N Other Customer


  • Medium or Large CoolBoard with your choice of Grip-Tape
  • Easy Start Balance Disc – choose form 40 or 30 cm
  • CoolBoard A3 Exercise Wall Chart
  • How To Guide

You can always come back and add a Ball in the future if you decide you want the full CoolBoard experience.

CoolBoard wobble board 40cm disc
Peter Smith, 75, on his CoolBoard Wobble Board. He is doing balance exercise for elderly on the Easy Start Balance Disc using a chair for support.


This package offers the best way to get balancing and gently introduce movement while standing, sitting or exercising.

Traditional wobble boards are inexpensive, but they suffer from a narrow uncomfortable stance, little to no adjustment, and fixed movement that is often either too challenging, or not challenging enough.

CoolBoard on a Disc solves all of these issues, meaning your use, enjoyment and benefits will all be significantly increased.

The board gives plenty of room to choose your stance while fully supporting your feet, and is rock solid for added confidence.

The Discs, inflatable by mouth, increase (and decrease) in height, tilt angle and stability simultaneously.  Providing you with a much better experience and allowing you to adjust the challenge in a natural and linear manor as and when you need to.

is it right for me?

Not sure if this is the right package for you?  Have a read of our common uses for this package…

Standing Desk Work on our Wobble Board

Working at a standing desk has many benefits, but we all know standing still for too long is not good.

By adding the gentle movement of our wobble board you will relieve aches while also improving your fitness and focus.

We recommend our 40 cm Disc for standing desks.  The more nimble movement of our 30 cm Disc can be a bit distracting, and you want to focus on your work.

If you do want to use a Ball in front of your desk you will first need to become a master of balancing on the Ball otherwise you won’t get any work done!  We do it, every day, and love it, but it takes much practice before you will be ready.

Early rehabilitation and physiotherapy post injury

Give your recovery the boost it needs.  This wobble board will gently target the most important aspects of your fitness for recovery – core strength, joint stabilising muscles and your proprioception.

Best of all, it is fun to use, beating the tedious nature of physiotherapy regimes.  Meaning you will use it more often so you can recover faster and more completely.

Stand on it for foot, leg, core and lower spine work.  Use the exercises to target your core, upper back, shoulders and arms.  Use it seated to introduce movement and circulation to sedentary legs.

Man doing a Windmill Core Exercise on his CoolBoard for Core Strength
elderly lady using CoolBoard wobble board sat on a sofa while reading a magazine

Aging with a smile

Keeping your joy of life and even your independence is partly down to the condition of your body.  This wobble board means you can access the amazing benefits of balance training in a safe and achievable way.

You will be livelier, lessen aches, and be less likely to get an injury.  This is because time spent on a CoolBoard will be targeting the right areas of your fitness compared with the small but hard gains of going to the gym.

Stand on it for foot, leg, core and lower spine work.  Use the exercises to target your core, upper back, shoulders and arms.  Use it seated to introduce movement and circulation to sedentary legs.

We all age, CoolBoard can make it more graceful and fun.

Child development

At the other end of the life spectrum, young children are not physically ready for the challenge of the Ball, so this wobble board can provide many hours of fun physical development, in the home or in the garden.  As your child progresses you can get a Ball in the future.

Degenerative / recurrent disability therapy

We have been supporting a series of gyms classes specifically for people suffering with multiple sclerosis.  We have been told the CoolBoard wobble board, used in a variety of ways, has proved extremely effective.  It’s also the most popular part of the classes, and can be taken into the home with ease.

Alas, science is yet to provide a cure for multiple sclerosis, but a slowing of the symptoms has been seen with CoolBoard wobble board use, even a reversal for a period of time.

Consequently we are working to find out if these positive effects are also applicable to those suffering from other degenerative disabilities.

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