Porto & Ball

The world’s smallest 3D balance trainer

Ball Size affects price



key features

Sleek, extremely easy to carry, and fun

Full 3D CoolBoard movement in its smallest form

Will slip into most rucksacks & under your desk with ease

DuraGrip – non-abrasive for barefoot or shoes

Includes Core Busting Workout & Fully illustrated Instructions to get you up & going quickly & safely

product details

Porto balance board front and back

Portable Balance Platform

Sleek design will slip into most day bags

DuraGrip – non-abrasive for barefoot or shoes

18mm thick quality Birch Ply handmade in UK

45.5 x 32.5 x 1.8mm, 0.7kgs

For Ball use – use with caution if shoe size 6 or under

Ride the Ball – 3D balance nirvana

The secret to effective balance & core training is unrestricted movement.  Forget the roller and join the 3D (r)evolution

By offering a choice of speeds and sizes you can tailor your balance experience to you.  A squidgy floor will also slow the movement allowing adjustment

Years to develop and expensive to manufacture – the only Balls to balance on!

CoolBoard balance board workout and instructions

Core Workout & Instructions

Quick to learn with our fully illustrated instructions

Exercises – not just for standing – CoolBoard will give your Core and Joint Stabilisers the best workout possible – the magic of 3D movement!

Perform Better, live longer, be happier

…OH MY!!!! i have been teaching board sports for years now, I’ve tried every balance board ever made, they are all okay but nothing comes close to the coolboard…

SUP Instructor

  Free 24 hr UK delivery       Worldwide shipping       21 day returns       Handmade, local & eco

  We only sell direct – this is how we supply a far superior balance board at a similar price to common roller balance boards.

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