Ultra Wobble Board – Stable

Perfect easy start + progression for elderly, early rehab & standing desk mobility

CoolBoard with the stable 40 cm Disc & Slow medium Ball



key features

The worlds #1 Wobble & Balance Board – 2in1

This package has been carefully developed to offer the easiest entry into the benefits of balance training, gentle core training and movement, including both Disc and Ball.

Vastly superior to the traditional wobble board, this package gives you our dependable and comfortable CoolBoard, fully adjustable 40cm Disc, pump included, and Slow speed medium Ball for when you’re ready for full 3D balancing.

This superior wobble board will gently but continuously work your balance, core stabilisation & proprioception while improving your circulation and flexibility – giving you a better standard of life.  When you’re ready you can progress onto the Ball for the benefits of full 3D balance training.

Perfect for:

  • Anyone feeling nervous of balance training, e.g the elderly
  • Early stage and/or long term rehab, e.g. stroke recovery
  • Standing Desk Mobility to keep you moving while you work without being distracting
  • Keeping flexibility and circulation while sitting

Disc movement is easily adjusted from the tiniest of tilts to plenty, so you can start at your ability and keep gently increasing the challenge as you improve.  Extremely versatile, you can use it standing, sitting and for exercises if you choose.

Progression onto the Ball is easier with the Slow speed medium Ball – giving a very deliberate movement that’s easily achievable.

Hand crafted from 30 mm birch ply, our balance board is eco friendly and will last a lifetime. And we’re so confident you’ll love your CoolBoard we offer a 21 day no quibble money back guarantee.

For more options click here, more info see our buyers’ guide, and if you’d like any advice – get in contact – 0117 949 8338 and [email protected] – we don’t bite and we’re rather knowledgeable!

Please note:  This package comes with the larger, more stable dark grey Disc, not the light grey Disc also shown.

We have been using Coolboards variety of balance training aids for sometime, both from a rehab and functional training point of view. The products offer great versatility that allow us to challenge everyone – whether at a low level or high, in one movement plane or multi-directional. They really do offer a great solution for accomplishing quality  functional rehab, or enhancing functional training to optimise efficiency and robustness of movement. Great products and there is something for all levels!

Steve Griffin

Lead Physiotherapist Gloucestershire CCC

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