(updated 12/11/2020)

CURRENT DELAYS – Medium Size Standard Speed Balls – 2 weeks.  Everything else is ready to go….

Deliveries are a little slow – UK 1-3 days – EU, USA & Ca 2-5 days, Rest of World 3-10 days

Although I may make light of these difficult times, I take them very seriously.

Both UK and International orders are taking a little longer than normal, our usual 24 hour UK delivery is taking 2 days on average.  

Ball Balls Balls…

Medium Standard Speed Ball – the Ball I recommend the most for good reason.  There has a terrible wait for these since March, thankfully after much work we have a solution.    Anyone waiting for an order should now have it in 2 weeks.  From then on there should be NO delays!! :-)

All other Balls are in stock and ready to go….

If you’re happy to wait – get your order in quickly and it will go into the queue.  If you want it sooner, please consider a different Ball.  Small Balls work well with the Medium Board, Large Balls work well with the Large Board.  The Slow Ball still offers a good balance experience, its just more gentle, and the Quickness Balls offer extra fun and challenge but a steeper learning curve.

Why are there delays?  CoolBoard Balls are surprisingly highly specialised and tricky to produce.  Our manufacturers have been playing all sorts of tricks to up supply without needing huge investment – which worked very well for a while, but have now had unexpected issues.  This is why the wait has suddenly increased.  I’m still getting more stock weekly, but not as many as before.  Thank you for your patience!

All other stocks are good to go, so please do order with confidence – you will get it, it might just take a little longer than normal!  If you’re in a hurry, don’t go for the Medium Standard Speed Ball!  If you want that Ball get your order in asap – I’m getting orders out on a first come first served basis.

AMAZON – Many of you are asking if ordering on Amazon will get you your order more quickly, or if they have stock that I don’t.  The answer is NO to both.  All Amazon orders are shipping direct from CoolBoard, and I only have limited items on Amazon because I can only list items that I can ship immediately.  You may notice that Amazon have increased their delivery promise, exactly the same as I have.  This website is the best place to order your CoolBoard from – you can see and order the full line up, I can give you far better customer service, I can even split your order, and you won’t be giving a chunk of your money to a non tax payer!

SPLITTING AN ORDER – People have asked if I can split an order, i.e. you want a Board, Disc and Ball, but the Ball you want will take a week to come in, so can I send the Board and Disc ahead?  YES.  But… I will need to charge you an extra £10 for the extra p&p.  If you wish to do this, please order as normal, then use this link to pay the extra £10. 

I’m answering questions and doing my best to keep customers up to date… but everything is still taking much longer than normal so please be a little patient!  Business is amazing right now – for which I thank all of you – but I’ve only had 4 days off since this started and I’ve been working 12 hour days – I am doing my best, but I am horribly aware my customer service is not up to its usual standard, for which I am sorry.  I will do all I can to look after everybody as fairly and quickly as humanly possible.

I’d like to explain how I am dealing with it here to protect you – my customers, myself, the delivery fine people that deliver my stock and your CoolBoards, and CoolBoard as a business.

If you have any questions please get in contact.

What I am doing

Keeping informed

I have done a considerable amount of research and I am keeping abreast with the latest information.  I will continue to follow government guidelines and will continue to go above and beyond.  So far I have been ahead of the government by quite some margin.

Keeping the warehouse a safe-zone for CoolBoard stock

I am the only person that has access to the CoolBoard workshop and warehouse.  I am washing my hands very often and am using gloves.  All deliveries coming in are being placed in a safe area for 4 days before being touched.  This should make it impossible for the virus to come in on a delivery, either by driver or package or contents.

I have been doing this for the last 3 weeks and will continue to do so.

How your order may be delayed

So far all the couriers I use have said deliveries will continue.  I will keep updated on this.

If everything I need to pack your order is already safe in the warehouse it can go out same day.  If not your order will be delayed.  Please understand that I am doing this for the good of all, the less this thing is spread the better, for everybody, and I will get you order out asap.

If you want to order a Ball as an accessory please see below…

What you can do

If you have any concerns about your CoolBoard delivery I would suggest you do the same – take it in with gloves and/or wash your hands immediately afterwards.  Put your new CoolBoard somewhere safe for 4 days.  After that you know it is 100% safe.  This might be an overreaction, it might not be, I have always been a belt and britches man!

Balls!!! (and Discs)

I have resumed ‘normal’ service for Disc and Ball orders, just please be aware that Small and Medium Standard Speed Balls are roughly on a 1 week wait.

Let there be light…

Hopefully with luck and preparation we will get through this with smiles on our faces :-)  I’m quite tied up unexpectedly building more CoolBoards while trying to get more supplies in – CoolBoard, rightly so, seems a popular choice for isolation!!  I’m looking forwards to spending some time making some more CoolBoard videos and getting more social media conversations going – so please join the party… show us your moves, get creative, make a video, take a photo, sign-up to the CoolBoard Facebook page, subscribe to our YouTube channel, be entertained, and join in if you fancy – the more the merrier!!!  Instagram is coming….

One thing is for sure… whether you’ve had your skiing trip cut short, can’t get to the beach, want some excitement in your own home, want to come out the other side with a core of rock, want to get rid of the last niggles from that injury… you’re in the right place! Happy CoolBoarding y’all.

Peace n love to all – Nic xx



Not just toilet paper!  Quite rightly many people have chosen a CoolBoard to keep them happy, entertained and fit while stuck at home.  CoolBoard is highly specialised and made in small numbers, a lot of my year is based around stocking up for my busy period of Christmas and the New Year.  There was not enough time to plan for this.

I do have good stocks of some product, but I am out of others, waiting for more to come in.

Since we saw the situation I have spent a lot of time doing all I can to get stocks in.  This is an ongoing concern and I’ll do everything I can to keep the orders flowing out as quickly as possible.  I attempted to add stock control to the website, but due to the way the products and options are organised it was not suitable without rebuilding the whole catalog.  So please check the list below for current status.  I am taking back orders and I will deliver them on a first come first served basis.

What is NOT in stock:

Medium size Standard Speed Balls – limited stock arriving each week, backlog of orders almost sorted, more of these Balls in the pipeline…. if this is the Ball for you I’d get your order in asap!!


Predicted re-stocking dates:

Currently all products are either in or being re-stocked regularly, but the situation is fluid and everything is taking way longer than normal.  I’m in contact with most of my suppliers on a daily basis and will keep this page updated.

I am exceedingly sorry that some of you will have to wait – I am doing everything I can to speed this along safely.

Many thanks for your understanding.