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Physical benefits of using a CoolBoard balance board - similar to those gained with Bosu, wobble boards, other balance boards and swiss balls (or gym balls), but magnified due to the extra workout the body gets because of CoolBoard balance boards unique movement.

Good balance keeps us orientated and agile. By increasing your balance you'll be less likely to be caught-out, and more likely to take an opportunity, whether scoring the winning goal or dodging the traffic to get safely to the curb.

The focus for fitness, sport performance and weight loss for over 10 years and the basis of all our movement and power.

Increasingly lacking in our lazy nation, low core strength and stability can cause a host of problems.

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The small muscles and tendons that support our joints can be injured easily due to exercising rarely, or concentrating on one aspect of strength, for example - yearly skiers and weekend gardeners.

Whether preventing or recovering CoolBoard balance board helps.

Our sixth sense drastically increases performance and reduces the chance of injury by increasing our awareness of ourselves and our surroundings.

Its the link between your body and mind - a relationship you'd be wise to work.

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Leaving you more in control ready to get the best from life and sport.

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