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Boards, balls and discs are interchangeable – get your ideal setup now, and upgrade in the future with our accessories

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QUESTIONS – Balance Board Buyer’s Guide 0117 949 8338  [email protected].

3 boards available 3 ways…

ultimate balance boards – with ball

Unique, highly effective and fun – the true 3D balance board.

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easy start wobble boards – with disc

Fantastic entry level balance training – fully adjustable.

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2in1 – with ball & disc

Everything to get you going today and progressing into your future.

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We make the best balance boards – but which CoolBoard is best for you?  See overview below or read our Balance Board Buyer’s Guide for more details, or ask now on 0117 949 8338  or  [email protected].  We are here to support you now – and for as long as you are CoolBoarding.

All our Boards work with all our Balls and all our Discs – so you can get your ideal setup now, and you can upgrade in the future.