balance board buyer’s guide

You’ve found the best balance boards – but which CoolBoard is best for you?

All our Boards work with all our Balls and all our Discs – so you can get your ideal setup now, and you can upgrade in the future.

We are here to support you now – and for as long as you are CoolBoarding.  0117 949 8338  or  [email protected]

the boards

Hand made by us, in Bristol, UK, to a very high standard for a lifetime a balancing benefit and fun.  Top quality environmentally friendly materials.

medium CoolBoard wobble board front and back

CoolBoard Medium

  • Our flagship balance board in Medium Size
  • Great for balancing & exercises
  • Smaller ring to keep everyone safe on the Ball
  • 65 x 33 x 3cm, 2.5kgs
  • Ring: 45.5 x 22cm
Large CoolBoard balance board front and back

CoolBoard Large

  • Our flagship balance board in Large Size
  • Great for balancing & exercises
  • Larger ring for more movement on the Ball – recommended for EU42+
  • 70 x 36 x 3cm, 3kgs
  • Ring: 56 x 25cm
Porto LongTail balance board front and back

Porto LongTail

  • Sleek, light, responsive and even more fun.
  • Designed for maximum balance in a smaller form, the ring on the Porto LT is almost a big as on the CoolBoard Large!
  • 60 x 33 x 1.8cm, 1.2kgs
  • Ring: 52 x 25cm
Porto balance board front and back


  • The worlds smallest 3D balance board, great for travel.
  • Fitting into most day-sacks, the Porto offers many of the benefits of our bigger boards in a much smaller form.
  • 45 x 33 x 1.8cm, 0.8kgs
  • Ring: 38 x 25cm

the boards – more detail


ultra functional, highly dependable & fun

  • Zero flex – 30 mm birch ply
  • Plenty of room for you feet
  • Nice wide stance
  • Flat ends for an easy pop-up
  • Chunky rounded ends perfect to hold for exercises
  • 2 sizes because bigger feet can handle a larger balance area – go Large if you’re UK7+ / EU41+ / US8+.  Everyone else go Medium unless you want a very big challenge!
  • Choice of Grips – DuraGrip – perfect for bare feet and trainers, and damage resistant, ComfortTop – 4 mm of squidgy comfort for bare feet, trainers and extra nice for exercises, and our Classics – ultra grippy and showing lots of lovely wood.
  • Medium – 64 x 32.5 cm, 3kgs, ‘balance area’ 45.5 x 22 cm.
  • Large – 70 x 36 cm, 3kgs, ‘balance area’ 56 x 25 cm.  Both rated to 170kgs.
CoolBoard ComfortTop

Porto LongTail

sleek, portable & ultra fun

  • Light & chuckable with a little flex – 18 mm birch ply.
  • Nice wide stance.
  • Almost as much balance area as our Large CoolBoard – so for Ball use go carefully if you’re a shoe size UK6 / EU40 / US7or smaller.
  • For Disc use everyone is safe.
  • DuraGrip – perfect for bare feet and trainers.
  • 60 x 33 cm, 1.2kgs, ‘balance area’ 52 x 25 cm, rated to 100 kgs.
PortoLT Top


ultra portable, functional & fun – day-sack sized

  • Very easy to store and carry – small & light.
  • The best to use while sitting.
  • Shoulder width stance.
  • For Disc use everyone is safe.
  • For Ball use go carefully if you’re a shoe size UK6 / EU40 / US7 or smaller.
  • DuraGrip – perfect for bare feet and trainers.
  • 45.5 x 33 cm, 0.8 kgs, ‘balance area’ 38 x 25 cm, rated to 120 kgs.
Porto Top

the balls

An ultra smooth and consistent ride for life.  Specifically developed for CoolBoard our Balls are the only balls to balance on.  3 speeds all available in 3 sizes.


Slow Balls give a slow and deliberate speed of movement that is good for the infirm and early stage rehabilitation.

Standard Balls give a speed of movement that most people find a good challenge -not too much and not too little.

Quickness Balls give a faster speed of movement. Great to really push you balance training and workouts.  Our favorite!

Speed can be slowed down by using a soft surface – an exercise mat or bit of thick carpet, and sped up by using on a hard surface – laminate flooring. In this way you can alter the speed as you progress.

Balance board, wobble board ball


Small – 4 inch / 100 mm – Confidence inspiring by keeping you close to the floor.  Exercises are better on a bigger Ball.  If using the Large CoolBoard dynamically you may catch the floor, all other boards are fine.

Medium – 5 inch / 125 mm – A good all-round ball. A great balance between confidence and performance.

Large – 6 inch / 150 mm – Best movement for balancing and perfect for exercising – our best ball.  Requires more confidence as you are higher.

balance board ball, wobble board ball

the discs

Perfect easy start into the benefits of better balance

Safe to use by anyone on any of our Boards

Both discs are fully adjustable with the included pump from 1 cm thick giving just a few degrees of tilt to fully inflated giving up to 45 degrees of tilt.

30 cm – Quicker movement, more challenging, feels twitchy.  Perfect for most people to get started on.  A great stepping stone before using the Ball.

40 cm – Slower movement, even easier to get started on, feels more stable.  Perfect for standing desc mobility, the elderly / infirm, and early stage rehabilitation.

CoolBoard balance board, perfect for balance exercises

Adjusting the height adjusts the tilt & stability

Excellent for

  • an easy start for those not used to balance boards or balance training
  • keeping active as you age
  • rehabilitation
  • standing desk work
  • some specific small movement training
  • fun physical development for children

Ordering Information

  • Free 24 hr delivery to UK mainland.
  • Worldwide shipping available – calculated at checkout.
  • 21 day no quibble money back guarantee.  We would rather see signs of use than an un-used CoolBoard returned!
  • Handmade by us in Bristol, UK, from eco conscious materials.
  • Buy it – Try it – if you don’t like it – return it!
  • We only sell direct – this is how we supply a far superior balance board at a similar price to common roller balance boards.

For more detailed information please see our Customer Services Page.