We know CoolBoard is the best balance board for strength and balance training, sports training, rehabilitation and physio.

But you don’t have to take our word for it – CoolBoard is used by top athletes, has had glowing reviews on TV, and has been tested to death at various shows and exhibitions!

  • As seen on TV

    Reviewed by the GadgetShow and This Morning with Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

  • Used by top athletes

    Championship skiiers Chemmy Alcott and Ed Drake, and top surfer Oli Adams to name a few.

Introducing CoolBoard Balance Board

See the unique movement of CoolBoard in action - on a Pro Ball and on the Easy Start Balance Disc.

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balance board reviews

The Gadget Show Fitness Product Test

Back when CoolBoard was a mere baby the Gadget Show asked if they could put us head to head with 2 new fitness gadgets.  Can you guess which won?!

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balance board reviews

CoolBoard balance board Gadget Show 2014

They liked CoolBoard so much they asked us back a few years later...

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Louie Spence Bum Blitz Workout on This Morning

Louie Spence recommends CoolBoard balance board for his bum blitz workout on This Morning.

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Chemmy Alcott Interview CoolBoard Balance Board For Ski Fitness

Watch Chemmy Alcott confirm that CoolBoard is the worlds best balance board, and is fantastic for skiers.

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Ed Drake Interview CoolBoard Balance Board For Ski Fitness

Ed Drake - UK top skier talks about the benefits of training with CoolBoard

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