The world leading balance board for core-strength, balance & agility, board-sport training, physiotherapy and fitness.

    In the past I'd tried the yoga ball which is okay for the core muscle groups but the Coolboard just does everything, feet, ankles, knees, buttocks, even my arms.... Customer - Chris Baines

    • The only true 360 / 3D balance board wobble board - unique and patented.
    • Progressive use for all abilities - from Olympians to wheelchair users and stroke victims.
    • Fantastic physical and mental benefits.
    • 70 exercises to bring instability training to your whole body.
    • Built to last a lifetime - Handmade in Bristol, UK. Local & Eco.

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    Why a CoolBoard?

    Click to find out why CoolBoard balance board is better than all other instability trainers and balance boards. Better for your physical ability, more fun, better for your mental ability, will last a lifetime and is greener.

    We run through all types of balance boards and instability trainers so you can see why CoolBoard is top.


    Balance training has many physical and metal benefits. We go through them to give you the full picture of what balance training with CoolBoard balance board can do for you. See how CoolBoard balance training helps build...


    Whatever your sport, area of fitness, or physiotherapy use is, we'll let you know how CoolBoard balance training can help you progress.

    CoolBoard will help your...


    See CoolBoard balanceboard in action!


    Adding balance and stabilisation into all areas of your training will make your workout far more effective.

    Watch videos of 7 of our 70 exercises - each will supercharge your workouts.

    We also have 12 different Sport Specific Workouts available in our workout shop. CoolBoard balanceboard is not just for standing balance!

    For Fun...

    And don't forget - CoolBoard is a lot of fun and highly addictive! CoolBoard balance board use can be light or hard, but is always fun and addictive, which is why people keep coming back for more... You can use it

    • At home
    • In the office
    • At a BBQ
    • In the Park
    • Out the back of your van
    • In your gym
    • Anywhere you can...

    And unlike other balance boards, CoolBoard balance board riders are always challenged so you won't get bored with your (Cool)board!


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