CoolBoard Balance Board – Tutorials – How-Tos – Fun Challenges – Full Instructions – Workouts – Exercises and more!

Here is a list of free resources to help you get the most from your CoolBoard Balance Board.

To the uninitiated using any balance board can be a little unnerving – but with the right instruction you’ll be amazed how quickly you can progress and start enjoying the benefits of using your CoolBoard.

If you’d like to suggest something new or have specific questions please do let us know.  We’re always learning and always sharing…

‘Oh-my!’ Workout Wall Chart!

This fantastic Full Body Quick Workout comes free as an A3 wall chart with all CoolBoard packages. Featuring 7 exercises of varying difficulty, this workout will work core muscles, help improve your balance, and make you feel great!

Quick-start Balance Board Instructions

These come free with all CoolBoard Packages

CoolBoard on Ball – Start-up Guide and Full Instructions

The in-depth guide on how to get balancing on your CoolBoard on the Ball…

CoolBoard on Disc – full instructions – sitting – standing – exercises

Everything you need to know to get the most from using CoolBoard on the Disc

CoolBoard on Ball Challenges

12 fun and engaging challenges to try on your CoolBoard balance board

CoolBoard on Disc Challenges

9 fun and engaging challenges to try on your CoolBoard balance board

Keep mobile while you sit to improve circulation and reduce stiffness

How to use CoolBoard while sitting – video, photos and text