No to Black Friday sales, no to Boxing day sales, and no to January sales

We believe most sales are often a bit of a con. Sales make sense for seasonal items, to help get rid of stock before the new line comes in.  Balance boards do not have different options for the different seasons, so sales make no sense…. unless….

It has sadly become standard practice to overprice products so that the price can be reduced for a sale and still make money.  Which in essence means your price depends on when you happen to want or need something, and if it not sale time, you are paying more than you should be.  None of these companies are going to be selling you a balance board and not make a profit.  There are now sales at the busiest shopping times of the year, the most important time for companies to make their money, and make their money they will.

We do not see why you should have to pay more because it is mid March and you injure your ankle, or fancy taking up surfing.  So we keep our prices the same all year round.  So we’re ‘sorry’ to say – there is no point waiting until sale time, because you won’t get a ‘bargain’ from us.  Well, actually, you’ll always get a true bargain from us because CoolBoard costs more to produce compared with other balance equipment – it is why we are unique and why it is the best.

We stand by our products and our pricing.  We strive to make the best functioning highest quality balance boards possible.  Your money goes on product, not marketing, for a lifetime of happy balancing.

We do our best to keep prices fair all year round, for all customers, no matter who you are, and where and when you buy.

CoolBoard – keeping it clean so you can keep it steady.

How stupid do they think we are??!!

We see balance boards of all types going on sale, but to put something on sale AND say its going to run out before Christmas… honestly, what business owner would discount goods at the most important selling time of year if they know they will run out?!

This is pure sales tactics and we don’t play.

balance board sale scam