Showing CoolBoard being made by hand by founder Nic in the Bristol workshop
Peter Smith, 75, on his CoolBoard Wobble Board. He is doing balance exercise for elderly on the Easy Start Balance Disc using a chair for support.

Appropriate fitness for the Aging – 10,000 steps “not enough”

Strengthening and balance activities are vital for future wellbeing, says Public Health England
showing the narrow stance of a wobble board
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About CoolBoard
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Joint Strength

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The fact that most injuries are joint related - knee, spine, ankle, shoulder, etc - shows the importance of joint strength. The unique and patented movement of CoolBoard will strengthen your joints like nothing else.
Injury prevention, knee injuries, back pain

Injury Prevention

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The winning combination of CoolBoard benefits will mean you'll avoid more injury situations.
Ankle proprioception exercises


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Seen as an essential in physiotherapy and sports performance proprioception is your bodies internal intelligence system for coordinating its movements. Often called your sixth sense it is why you don't need to look or think to do most movements, e.g. catching a ball.
Agility Exercises

Balance & Agility

Your body and brain must react to the instability of CoolBoard and become accustomed to the many fine movements of CoolBoard - training you to handle real life situations, whether its an uneven curbstone, or a spinning bird kick.