Tehillah comes from my home from home – South Africa. After years of successfully competing on the South African Surf Circuit her and her family moved to the Poole, UK… which meant she was suddenly removed from her daily wave and fitness fix… so to make up for it she found CoolBoard… the closest she could get to surfing without waves!

Tehillah takes her fitness very seriously and has studied Sports Science such that she can be a surf personal trainer… so Tehillah not only loves CoolBoard as a surf simulator, she also loves the fitness benefits – balance, agility, stability, flexibility and strength… all vital for surf performance.

Tehillah has now moved to Fuerteventura and set herself up as a surf and fitness coach.

If Tee’s face is looking familiar, thats because she kindly offered us a wee photo shot before she disappeared to Fuerteventura… so you will see her in many place on our website – thanks Tee x

Tehillah’s Bio

Originally from Jeffreys bay, South Africa, Tehillah Mcguinness is currently living between the Canary Islands and the UK, where her family are based.

Her love for surfing and competing began at a young age and she represented her province at the South African Championships. Since then she has literally moved countries so that she is able to surf and compete.

At the moment she is using the winter season in Fuerteventura to train and prepare for contests in the UK and Europe as well as coaching surfing.

At 24 years of age this beautiful young lady definitely has an exciting future. After a successful junior running career she studied in the fitness industry and is determined to combine this with her great love for the ocean to inspire and change lives. She is bubbly, tenacious, passionate, has an infectious laugh and is a great role model. At the moment Tehillah is looking for sponsors as she prepares for a very exciting year ahead.

To keep up to date and get in contact with Tehillah check out tehillahsurf.wordpress.com.