Wakeboard, Windsurfing, and Kitesurfing

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” OH MY!!!! I’ve tried every balance board ever made, nothing comes close to the coolboard… “

unique 3D balance board

Wakeboarding, Windsurfing, and Kitesurfing – all sports requiring good board control while using your upper body to control the pull from the boat, sail, kite.

Being the only 3D balance board, no other will give you the pleasure or benefit that CoolBoard can.  Similar to riding your board in movement and addictiveness, so you can bring your passion home.

Controlling the upper body pull not only requires good upper-body strength, crucially it also needs core strength and stabilisation.  Again due to the unique movement of CoolBoard, follow our full body workout and you’ll be amazed how your strength and control will improve away from the water.

So whether you use CoolBoard to shred at home, or to improve your strength and control between sessions, it will be one purchase you keep coming back to, again and again.

  • The only 3D balance trainer

    Shred at home – supreme board control

  • Core Busting Workout

    Fitness where it matters

  • All abilities catered for

    Beginners – The ideal head-start

    Experienced – Great for progression

  • CoolBoard

    Be pumped for your next session

Beginners – on Disc

So easy to get started on, almost impossible to fall off of…

…and yet so fun and beneficial.

Progression – on Ball

Oh so simple – oh so effective – and darn right addictive

The best ride off the water!

Best Balance Boards for Wakeboard, Windsurfing, and Kitesurfing