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    The world leading balance board for core-strength, balance & agility, board-sport training, physiotherapy and fitness.

    • Full movement in all directions - unique and patented.
    • Progressive - from Olympians to wheelchair users and stroke victims.
    • Fantastic physical and mental benefits.
    • Built to last a lifetime - Handmade in Bristol, UK. Local & Eco.

    When used on the ball CoolBoard balance board gives more directions of movement then any other balance trainer and this is patented worldwide. This unique movement makes CoolBoard more effective, engaging and fun than our competitors.

    When used on our Easy Start Balance Disc CoolBoard balance board can be used by almost anyone of any physical ability. The movement is dampened down making it similar to a wobble board with adjustable tilt.

    Every CoolBoard is made by hand to last a lifetime by us locally in Bristol, UK. We source our materials as locally and environmentally friendly as possible.

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    Our Products

    Why a CoolBoard?

    Simply the most effective and engaging trainer for balance, core strength and stability, joint strength, stabilising muscles and proprioception.

    Use on the ball for full movement overcoming the limitations of other balance trainers. Use on our balance disc for an easy start.

    CoolBoard can move and rotate in any direction - rock and roll! This unique movement has taken CoolBoard balance board from its original conception as a surfer's training aid or 'cheat' to being an incredibly diverse and respected piece of training kit and fun toy spreading smiles with fitness!

    For Boarders...

    Stay in tune out of season and at home... CoolBoard balance board is unrivalled at mimicking the movements of all boarder's boards, surf, snow, kite, atb... that's why we created it! And with our exercises you can play harder for longer with less injury.

    "...having not surfed for a whole year, I was better than before! - how, by using my CoolBoard."

    For sports performance...

    Whether for sports performance, fitness or body sculpture, CoolBoard's ability to work core strength and stability, stabilising muscles, balance and agility, proprioception and joint strength means CoolBoard balance board has become an essential part of many a sports persons kit. Our exercise routines will have you aching in places you didn't know existed, and can target all parts of the body - from the core to extremity musculature.

    Injury Prevention...

    Most injuries occur when an athlete does not pay attention to training of the stabiliser muscles or core strength and stability, especially in the young.

    We have had great results incorporating CoolBoard balance board training into routines.

    Injury Rehabilitation...

    After injury, CoolBoard's unique movement will cause a righting reaction in previously dormant musculature, and then allow the joint as a whole to strengthen, often beyond pre-injury strength, making reoccurring injuries far less likely.

    For Fun...

    CoolBoard balance board use can be light or hard, but is always fun and addictive, which is why people keep coming back for more... And unlike other balance boards, CoolBoard balance board riders are always challenged so you won't get bored with your (Cool)board!

    Product Detail...

    CoolBoard provides a solid platform with our cleverly shaped ring on the underside that limits the movement, stopping the board from rolling right off the ball. To maximise this movement CoolBoard balance board comes in two sizes chosen by shoe size.

    CoolBoard is made to a very high standard by hand in Bristol, UK. CoolBoard is machined from high quality birch ply. It is finished in 4 layers of durable varnish so that it will keep its good looks for many years of use. CoolBoard is designed to be a pleasure to own as well as extremely functional.

    The Range:

    CoolBoard is available in 2 sizes and a variety of packages to suit all users each complete with instruction manual and 7 step workout. Take the medium if your shoe size is UK 6 or smaller and the large if your UK size 7 or larger. Inflatable balls are great for the casual user, Pro Balls for those wanting a superior ride and zero maintenance, and the balance disc for those wanting an easy start.

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