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Bust tedium and save time with CoolBoard balance board Exercises

CoolBoard balance board exercises and workouts have been in development for over two years with Adam Powell and Josh Wedlock amongst others. To help you get the most from CoolBoard balance board we've put together specific workouts so your precious time is as effective as possible. This work will continue, with new exercises and workouts.

What makes working out with a CoolBoard balance board so good? CoolBoard balance board exercises are fun and highly effective. You've seen the good work being done with Swiss Balls, Core Boards and the Bosu... well, with CoolBoard's unique and patent protected movement this work is far more effective, targeting many more muscles. CoolBoard balance board can safely provide more instability than anything before, and our exercises take full advantage of this, working muscles you didn't know existed.

If you are in anyway unsure of any aspect of these exercises, or are not used to exercising, please consult a personal trainer before trying.

Introdutory offer: 2 free workouts, the rest for only 4.20 / download!

Free CoolBoard balance board Workouts -

                football workout

General Body Quick                        General Body Quick     

      6 Step Men's                                   6 Step Lady's           

Sports Specific CoolBoard balance board Workouts - £4.20 ea

youth football workout        football workout        golfers workout        runners workout

Youth Football Workout            Football Workout                 Golfers' Workout                  Runners' Workout

          [Read about]                      [Read about]                         [Read about]                       [Read about]


surfers workout        windsurfers workout        ski and snowboarders workout        climbers workout

      Surfers' Workout             Windsurfers' Workout    Ski and Snowboard Workout        Climbers' Workout

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rowers workout        mountain bikers workout        fencers workout        tame picture of lovers in bed ready for sex

      Rowers' Workout          Mountain Bikers' Workout          Fencers' Workout                  Lovers' Workout

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General Fitness CoolBoard Workouts -

Coming soon...

Body Zone Specific Exercise Charts - £2.00 ea


Balance & Leg Exercises      Leg Exercises      Upper Body & Core Exercises     Upper Body & Core Exercises 2