fencers’ workout for CoolBoard balance board

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Fencing – a sport of speed, agility, balance and poise.  Give yourself the best chance by training the areas of fitness that count.

Rehab & Prehab – don’t let any physical niggles interfere with your match – iron them out with CoolBoard.

Fencing is an extremely physical sport. Movement must be lightening quick and on the penny accurate. Fencing also requires a lot of sudden lunging and twisting movements in some unusual and extreme positions. This requires a good level of aerobic fitness and strength, and above all a very functional fitness.

Every movement we make originates in our core, so for a sport as dynamic as fencing, a core of rock is essential. Due to the odd angles, your stabilising muscles are used to keep correct form of your joints, aiding speed and accuracy while lessening the chances of injury. Your proprioceptive system is the ‘brains’ behind every movement we make and allows us to accurately repeat a movement with little thought. Add to this balance and poise and you’ve got the start of a great fencer.

Due to CoolBoard’s unique movement it is the best tool for developing a very functional fitness encapsulating all of these attributes – stabilising muscles, proprioception, core strength and stability and balance.

Our fencing specific workout is not a generic or body builder’s functional program, it has been designed to work all of the areas in which these strengths are most important to fencers.

Fatigue and injury are two things that can quickly spoil or even end a good bout. Both are often a result of a lacking in one of the body systems mentioned above. So with preparation both can be generally avoided.

Prepare with CoolBoard – Enjoy your Fencing.

If you have any concerns, health, fitness or otherwise, consult your doctor before starting this program.