runners’ workout for CoolBoard balance board

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Runners must strengthen all of the parts that CoolBoard works so well – which is why Running Fitness Magazine wrote a whole page on the benefits of training with a CoolBoard! So whether you want to improve your performance, avoid injury or recover from injury – CoolBoard Runners Workout will help.

Running is one of the most popular fitness activities partly because it is open to anyone who owns a good pair of trainers. Aerobic fitness is crucial to running performance, which you’re running will take care of. Without good preparation however, as a runner it is only a matter of time before injury of some form rears its ugly head.

This is due to the pounding the lower body takes while running, right from your toes to the lower back region. Common complaints include; runners’ knee, stress fracture of a metatarsal bone in the foot, shin splints, lower back pain, the list goes on.

Reducing the chance of these common running ailments requires some specific body conditioning especially of the stabilising muscles (those that support your joints when moving), core strength and stability and of your proprioceptive system. It is these areas that provide the base for every movement we make, especially when running. It is these areas that this plan is designed to target.

CoolBoard is the best all-round tool for targeting these often hard to reach areas of fitness – stabilising muscles, core and proprioceptive system. You will run with better balance and poise leading to a more effortless movement. As you tire you’ll be able to hold correct technique for longer and you’ll be far less likely to get injured.

If the worst does happen – injury, CoolBoard is one of the best rehabilitation tools. Once the rest period is over spend time strengthening these areas to recover from the injury and to make re-injury far less likely.

So whether you’re preparing to run a marathon or triathlon, want to better your P.B.s, or simply enjoy your weekend and evening runs more for years to come without injury, following this workout regularly will help.