youth football workout for CoolBoard balance board

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Too many talented young footballers have their potential cut sort because of injury. If the right training is done then injury may be prevented – and if injury does happen the player needs to stop playing and recover fully before starting again to avoid repeat injuries. CoolBoard Youth Football Workout has been designed for exactly this – prevent injuries by strengthening the right areas of fitness used in football and providing rehabilitation work.

Fitness, strength and remaining injury free are all vital for progression in youth football. The UK looses far too many talented young players to injury, which often comes from either being too poorly conditioned to deal with the rigors of the game or from overplaying. Luckily CoolBoard is here to help.

Playing football will give you a good aerobic workout, and training will give strength and conditioning, but there are certain muscle groups which are hard to target, and it is these that are key to performance and remaining injury free – the stabilising muscles around our joints and our core. Both of these are often underdeveloped in the young, which results in being injured more often. CoolBoard is one of the best ways to target these hard to reach muscles and prevent injuries.

By following this plan you will give your body a very functional fitness, able to handle anything you throw at it on the pitch. Weaker muscles will be worked harder until they balance. Your strength will support your talent rather than letting you down at a critical moment.