mountain bikers’ workout for CoolBoard balance board

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Mountain Bikers’ Workout uses the unique training ability of CoolBoard to target key areas of your fitness. Keeping your ability progressing while helping you avoiding injury. Good for all abilities. If injury does occur many of the exercises are good rehabilitation. Designed by mountain bike training expert Adam Powell

Although a new piece of kit is an exciting way to enhance your mountain biking, getting your body and mind prepared will allow you to make dramatic improvements to your performance and enjoyment at any level.

Mountain biking demands a very dynamic level of fitness. Improving your aerobic fitness will undoubtedly improve your performance as will some strength training. But this is only half the story and the harder you ride the more strain you’ll put your body under.

Core strength and stability, stabilising muscles and proprioceptive system are all massively called upon when mountain biking. Every movement we make starts in our core. Our stabilising muscles support our joints when moving, maximising power and saving us from injury. Our proprioceptive system inherently knows how we should move to complete a task, maximize power and efficiency while avoiding injury.

introducing CoolBoard

The world’s only true 360° balance board, and the best for Mountain Bikers’ because it improves Joint Strength and Core Strength.

CoolBoard master trainer and mountain bike commissaire doing his stuff

To improve these critical but hard to reach areas of fitness requires some often overlooked functional exercises. Due to the unique and patent protected movement of CoolBoard our exercises are one of the best ways to target these areas, and this workout is designed to specifically target the areas most important to mountain bikers.

CoolBoard’s Master Trainer Adam Powell is also a qualified British Cycling coach and commissionaire. He has put together this mountain biking specific regime which makes up a vital part of the training he puts his clients through. By following this plan regularly you ride stronger and more confidently for longer. You’ll ride with more poise and balance which will lead to a more ‘effortless’ action, and you’ll be far less likely to get injured.