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    Balance training has many benefits on your physical and mental abilities.

    CoolBoard's unique and patented movement increases the benefits compared with other balance trainers.

    Core strength

    Your core is where your body initiates all movement - so it's the power house and engine room of your body.

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    Balance & Agility

    Good balance and agility are as useful in not falling over as they are on the tennis court or on a snowboard.

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    Joint Strength

    Your main muscles move your joints, whereas your joint strength is due to all of the small muscles, tendons and ligaments that control that movement.

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    Proprioception is your bodies internal intelligence system for coordinating its movements often called your sixth sense - it is why you don't need to look or think to do most movements, e.g catching a ball.

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    Injury Prevention

    Increased balance, core strength, joint strength and proprioception are known to reduce the chance of injury and are essential to recover from injury.

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    Mental Focus

    Using both hemispheres of the brain while using physical coordination has great effects on our brain and mood.

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