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    To see a video of the exercise click on the images below.

    CoolBoard's unique movement means our exercises work your core constantly and engage more muscles.

    Great functional fitness for life and any sport, giving you strength with control. Perfect for training, toning, injury rehabilitation and prehabilitation.

    Barefoot Runner Magazine wrote... ‘I can certainly confirm it does a brilliant job of working your core muscles and the stabilising muscles and I'm very impressed. This simple little device provides quite a workout and it’s way better than any other core stability device I've used before.’

    • We have 70 CoolBoard exercises so far, and this number is growing.
    • All exercises can be done on the ball for full effect, or made easier by using the disc.
    • Each CoolBoard balance board comes with a 7-Step Workout A3 Wall Chart.
    • Sport specific workouts are available in our web shop.
    • Below is a selection of our exercises.

    Always core - always more

    Plank (and Sliding Plank)

    Abdominals, back, and shoulders.

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    Standing balance

    ‘Simply’ balancing on your CoolBoard is a fantastic workout for much of your body.

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    Squat - on disc

    A balance squat uses 70% of the bodies muscles

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    Pro - Dip

    Arms, shoulders, chest and upper back.

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    Pelvic Rise

    Thighs, lower back, core and especially your glutes (bum)

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    Power Push Up

    Increase strength and tone in the arm, shoulders, back, chest and midsection

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    Core Crunch

    Rectus abdominis muscle (tummy) – strengthening and toning the vertical stomach muscles for sports and more tone on the beach

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