Squat – On Disc

Using the disc makes balancing on your CoolBoard and introducing a squat much easier.

So the benefits of this are similar to Standing Balance on the Ball, just a bit more gentle.

While balancing you’ll be working all the major muscles of your legs, along with your balance and proprioception.

More importantly your core strength and stability, all of your joint stabiliser muscles in your legs, feet and your lower spine will all be worked.

Perfect for lower back pain, knee injuries, etc, and a good way to help you avoid them in the future.

I had a knee injury in January… I bought a stability balance disk from Amazon, but I found it neither entertaining nor challenging. Then, guys from Chel-Ski introduced me to the CoolBoard, which was WOW.  I’ve improved significantly – I climb steps and run without any pain, I walked 19 miles (on a pretty flat terrain though) over the weekend with no problem at all, which is a FANTASTIC speed of improvement in my condition according to my physiotherapist. In addition, core, back and other muscles get its workout as well – I feel it, specifically my back has improved, Nadja

This fun exercise is fantastic for everyday fitness, sports performance, injury prevention and injury rehabilitation.

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can add moves – dip left side then re-center, dip right toe then re-center, add a squat, holding or catch a ball… put some tunes on and gyrate your hips!  The options are endless… do your washing up on it, watch telly, do the ironing…