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    Using CoolBoard balance board can help with many activities and sports.

    Balance and instability training and the associated fitness benefits are now recognised as essentials for all sports and leading an active life.

    This has taken the balance board from fun board sports training to all sports training, physiotherapy, those wanting to lead an active life as well as helping with creativity, stress and learning difficulties.

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    Ski Fitness Training

    As recommended by The Times - train on CoolBoard to reduce aches and pains by working ski specific muscles that get ignored for the rest of the year. Improve your performance and reduce the chances of injury.

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    CoolBoard is the only balance board that moves foot to foot and toe to heel for that essential rail to rail control. So CoolBoard will hone your board skills like nothing else off the snow .

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    CoolBoard was originally developed as a surf balance trainer - and it's the best you'll get. Since then we've been stoked to see how much good it also does for your surf fitness and injury protection.

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    Wakeboard, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP

    CoolBoard is the only balance board that moves like your board - tilting and sliding in all directions. So whatever board you ride CoolBoard will help you improve.

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    Physiotherapy - rehab & prehab

    CoolBoard use has helped rehabilitate and pre-habilitate a wide range of people from wheel chair users to Olympians, the elderly and stroke victims to weekend warriors... see how CoolBoard can help you.

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    Strength & Fitness

    The secret to real, functional strength resides in bodyweight exercises, and these are best when instability is introduced to the exercise.

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    Learning and Behavioural Difficulties

    Research has shown that regular balance board use can significantly help children and adults with learning or behavioural difficulties.

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    Stress, Concentration and Creativity

    Exercise neural-pathways that link the two hemispheres of the brain together are worked along with physical coordination.

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