CoolBoard’s unique movement means our exercises work your core constantly and engage more muscles.

Great functional fitness for life and any sport, giving you strength with control. Perfect for training, toning, injury rehabilitation and prehabilitation.

  • 70 Exercises to bring instability training to your whole body

    With more exercises being discovered all the time.

  • CoolBoard comes with a 7-Step Workout A3 Wall Chart

    Increased benefits compared with other balance trainers.

in detail

Plank (and Sliding Plank)

Increase strength and tone in the abdominals, back, and shoulders.

Add a slide to get that perfect but elusive 'V'.

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Exercises for balance

Standing Balance

Core, legs, feet, all joints below mid spine.

Perfect for avoiding and alleviating back and knee pain

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Squat – On Disc

Easy access to the wonders of CoolBoard training. Feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower back and core.

Say good bye to aches and pains.

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Balance board exercise

Pro – Dip

Arms, shoulders, chest and upper back, and of course - your core.

Maximised with CoolBoard instability.

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Pelvic Raise

Excellent for targeting the thighs, lower back and especially your glutes (bum).

Plus all the stabilising muscles in-between including your core and spine.

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Power Push Up

Simply the most effective push-up ever!

We've even amazed the Marines! (and still suitable for us mortals)

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Balance board exercise

Core Crunch

Core and vertical stomach muscles.

Perform better - Look better.

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