Fred found us at the Metro Ski Show a couple of years ago… and what a fun, nice and knowledgeable man he is! Having been professionally skiing for longer than most professionals have been alive, not to mention surviving his amazing jump… its no wonder Fred knows the importance of maintaining his ski fitness… and he knew that CoolBoard balance board would become crucial in his training. Since then Fred has been promoting CoolBoard use to his fellow skiers of Norway – thanks Fred J

Fred’s Bio

Well, what’s to be said about Fred Syversen that hasn’t already? Ex World Cup racer, stalwart of the European freeski scene, the guy who launched ‘that’ drop, and a factory team rider for Whitedot Skis from the start.

At 46, Fred is still skiing professionally at the highest level, is a Whitedot Skis and Flylow sponsored athlete, and a businessman (Fred is part owner of Folven campground and Stryn summer ski resort in Norway). What Fred is perhaps most famous for however is ‘that’ jump. In 2008, while filming ski movie ‘Nuit de la Glisse’, Fred unintentionally skied off a 107m cliff at over 80km/h and miraculously suffered no injuries.

While the jump made him a household name, what is perhaps even more impressive is not only that he is alive, but also that he is still skiing professionally in his mid 40’s. In the ultra competitive, physically demanding,and often dangerous world of professional freesking, careers generally don’t last long but Fred has endured.

Plus he’s a really nice guy – check it out.