We first started supporting UK surfer Liam when he was just 12 and his dad came to us wanting to get Liam the best edge in his surf training. Instantly seeing Liam’s potential at such a young age, and knowing that this stage in his development is so important to his future in surfing we sent him some CoolBoard kit.

It has been fantastic watching Liam progress notching up so many successes on the way. He is now living the dream by surfing ‘full time’!! Well done Liam.

Liam’s Bio

One of the UK’s and Europe’s brightest prospects, Liam Turner surfing contains all the elements needed for a big career in surfing. The powerful goofyfooter mixes a love of solid waves, natural tuberiding style and big carves with a progressive aerial act. Liam has been a skater as long as he has surfed, and that, combined with growing up under the wing of Bude’s other famous aerial wizard Reubyn Ash, means his hucks and rotations are state of the art. Having said that, and citing Occy as one of his main surfing inspirations, Liam knows where his surfing priorities lie. “I mean I love to land big airs, but I would still rather get stand up barrels,” he says.

Having left school, Turner’s goal is to dedicate himself to a career in surfing. The end of 2012 saw him hit the road, traveling to Indonesia and Australia for six months to surf and compete and simply become a better surfer. “I really want to win at least one European or Australian pro junior next year, that’s a big goal,” he says. With considerable junior competitive success already achieved at home in the UK and a steely determination to improve, you’d bet on Liam to achieve his goals. Backed by his father and traveling companion Lewis, and at home in spinning Indo barrels or mushy Cornwall beachbreaks, the future for Liam Turner is looking bright. Stay tuned.

That progressive approach has seen Reubyn carve a career as a professional freesurfer, his video clips in demand for those always looking for what new trick or air has landed. It also landed him a coveted section in Taylor Steele’s Innersection, after his third place in the world wide submission section scored him a part. He was the first European surfer to score such a part, and it further cemented his credentials as one of the most exciting surfers anywhere.

He continues to push his surfing, and the way he captures it. A recent mission to a Dubai Wave Pool again showed his desire to expand his surfing as well as use it as a creative outlet. From surfing in nappies to his patented Reubyo Flip, the goofyfooter from Cornwall has a come a long way, and is a long way from being done just yet.

“I’m always working on my surfing and new ideas. “I’m watching hurricanes, tracking swells and always thinking of new ways to keep it creative. To have people appreciate your work, it’s amazing. I mean, I just love surfing. That’s it. That’s what really matters, isn’t it?