Concentration exercises, ADHD Treatment

Engage both sides of the brain and physical coordination

There has been some research into the benefits of Balance Board use in matters of the brain and thus the ADHD treatment etc. These benefits occur because balance board use engages both sides of the brain with physical coordination… due to the unique movement CoolBoard does this especially well…

These benefits can help – All learners, Gifted Thinkers, People with stress, motivational or behavioural difficulties, People with learning difficulties. CoolBoard is a great tool to compliment dyslexia and ADHD treatment.

Learning / Behavioural Difficulties, Dyslexia and ADHD Treatment

Use of the Balance Board has shown benefits in the following areas which are especially useful to those with learning and/or behavioural difficulties:


  • increased capacity for sustained self-directed attention
  • increased ability to learn new material
  • ability to sequence information
  • improved ability to produce smooth speech sounds
  • increased ability to integrate sensory information


  • increased motivation
  • increased organization
  • enthusiasm for learning


  • overcoming the effects of emotional stress
  • increased emotional self-control
  • increased self-esteem


  • improved eye-tracking
  • better use of both eyes together—eye teaming


  • sense of rhythm
  • improved handwriting
  • improved speech
  • achieving automaticity
  • improving coordination, posture and gait