Oli Adams

‘CoolBoard rules!’ – Oli’s quote! No explanation needed!

We met Oli through his surf personal trainer and CoolBoard advocate Lee Stanbury. Lee had been using CoolBoard for a couple of years, and thought that Oli could do with a full set of kit for his training… wanting to support such a great British Athlete we sent him the full range…

Oli’s Bio

I’m a lover of all things surfing and have been lucky enough to make a living out it.

As a Junior I held titles in both New Zealand and Great Britain, I also travelled the world as one of the only Brits to ever compete full time on the World tour as well as being crowned English Open Champion.

At the moment I’ve moved away from competing full time for the time being and have taken the free surfing route, trying to surf and find amazing waves around the coasts of Britain and Ireland as well as travelling to more exotic locations throughout the year.

When I’m not away you will catch me hanging out with my wife and kids and surfing my home break of Fistral in Newquay, Cornwall.