Ankle proprioception exercises

Proprioception is seen as an essential in Physiotherapy and sports performance. Using CoolBoard for ankle proprioception exercises is a great way to help prevent injury and improve technique, whether you’re running, surfing, or just walking!

Proprioception is your bodies internal intelligence system for coordinating its movements, often called your sixth sense. It is why you don’t need to look or think to do most movements, e.g. catching a ball.

How CoolBoard Will Help:

To begin with you will be using your conscious brain to control the movement of CoolBoard, whether balancing or exercising.  But your proprioceptive system will be learning fast, internalising your reactions.


By training your propriception you will have better control, performance and confidence, and be less likely to injure. You will also pick up new movements more effectively, e.g. learning to ski. It will help to rehabilitate from injuries.


Anyone wanting to increase their performance in an sport or physical activity, as will as those undergoing physiotherapy or in rehabilitation.

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