Exercise for Elderly & Activities for Elderly

Elderly woman stand up paddle boarding SUP SUPing after using CoolBoard balance board

“Had my board for 8 weeks’ish now and fair to say I’m loving it.   Starting on disc it took me about 2 weeks to get up on the ball. But then I’m 68 and I’ve never surfed or done any kind of board sport.”

” I’m very glad I opted for the easy start disc as it made the board less daunting to start using, especially for my Mum who is a pensioner. She’s hooked already!… “

” My core has tightened up like I wouldn’t have believed possible. Years of pain in my left knee (legacy of surgery) now barely noticeable most of the time.

I always used to end a round of golf with back- ache, not any more – Gone!”

Use it or Lose it – Staying Young

As we age our body starts to deteriorate, and without taking action this can seriously hamper enjoyment of active life.  Just a few minutes a day on CoolBoard can help you work the specific areas of fitness that can help you to extend your active life for many years.

How does CoolBoard use help?

  • If you have good balance – you’re less likely to fall.
  • If you have good core strength and strong joints – you can control your body better and avoid injury.
  • If you have good proprioception – you’re less likely to roll an ankle.

CoolBoard is one of the most effective and fun ways of training your balance, proprioception, core strength, and joint stabilising strength due to the unique movement it provides. Simply balancing will give your whole lower body a good boost and our exercises help the whole body.

CoolBoard is easy to use, with little to no impact, and can be used by anyone that can walk.  You can do it in front of the telly, while listening to music, out in the garden, or take it to the gym, so its easy to fit into your life.

It is easy to progress with CoolBoard.  Our Easy Start Balance Disc is fully adjustable, enabling movement to be gently progressed from almost nothing to quite challenging.  When and if you feel ready you can start using CoolBoard on one of our Balls to get maximum benefits.

Best Balance Boards for Staying Young

Benefits of CoolBoard Exercise for Elderly

The small movements of balance exercises have many proven benefits that are especially important for keeping us active as we age.  CoolBoard works in all directions at once, increasing these benefits, making your fitness all the better for real world activities.

1, Strengthen your joints for less aches

CoolBoard Balance Board will help you to strengthen your joints by gently working the small muscles and ligaments that support your joints and help them run true.

Ankles, knees, hips and lower spine are all worked by simply standing on your CoolBoard.  Your upper body can be worked by doing some of our other exercises.

Read more about CoolBoard and Joint Strength.

2, Core Strength for a stronger back, better posture and more control

Your core is the ‘powerhouse’ of your body, supporting your spine and linking your limbs, it is where all our movements begin.  Looking after your core is therefore especially important as we age.

CoolBoard use will strengthen your core helping your back and posture and making physical movements easier.  Perfect exercise for elderly.

Simply standing on CoolBoard will work your core strength and stability very well, and doing some of our exercises will increase the benefits further.

Read more about CoolBoard and Core Strength.

Peter Smith, 75, on his CoolBoard Wobble Board. He is doing balance exercise for elderly on the Easy Start Balance Disc using a chair for support.
Frances Smith, 70, on her CoolBoard Balance Board. She is doing balance exercise for elderly on the Pro Ball using a chair for support.

3, Improved Balance for agility and fewer falls

The most obvious but often overlooked aspect of exercise for elderly is balance.  We use our sense of balance in everything we do so it affects our every move.

By improving your balance you will be far less likely to fall, or to put your body into a position that might result in injury.

All activities for elderly require a certain amount of balance.  So any activity that you enjoy will become easier and more enjoyable through better balance.

Using a balance board or wobble board is by far the best way to improve your balance.  Unlike most balance and wobble boards, CoolBoard will allow you to work your balance at the right level for you, and to progress when you are ready.

4, More energy and enthusiasm for activities for elderly

Enjoying your increased strength and flexibility while suffering fewer aches and pains will mean you are much more likely to pursue other activities.  The more you do the happier and healthier you will be.

Any activities for elderly – Walking, playing bowls, jogging, riding a bike, playing tennis, swimming, or any other sport – will be more enjoyable and less daunting.

A nice side effect of increased activity can be spending more quality time with friends and meeting new people.

5, Less chances of injury – Prehabilitation

Our bodies become more fragile as we age so we need to look after them better, and the less active we are the more fragile we become.

Weak joints and a weak core are often the main factors in getting injured because we are unable to hold our bodies as we should through a movement.

By strengthening your joints and your core with CoolBoard you are more likely to move correctly, and therefore less likely to get injured.

Read more about CoolBoard and Injury Prevention.

6, Better recovery from injury – Rehabilitation and Physiotherapy

We all get injured from time to time.  Alas, as we age these injuries can continue to niggle, or get worse, for longer.

Injury often leads to less activity and a downward spiral of our fitness, confidence and energy levels.

Continuing regardless with an injury can compound the injury making recovery even harder.

In the same way the strength of your core and joints can be key to not getting injured, they are equally as important in recovering from injury.  A lot of the work physiotherapists do involves the strength and flexibility of joints and core.  Very often an injury is caused in one joint due to a weakness or injury to another joint.

If you are using CoolBoard for injury rehabilitation always consult your physiotherapist first to choose the best course of action for your situation.

Read more about CoolBoard and Injury Physiotherapy.

knee pain knee injury knee exercise knee physiotherapy knee strengthening knee rehabilitation
image of chess piece in sharp focus

7, Stimulate the mind

There have been many studies on the positive effects to our brains of doing balance exercises.  Unfortunately our brains can suffer a similar deterioration as our bodies as we age.

The good news is that studies show this can be alleviated by working our mental capacities.  This is why brain puzzles are promoted, especially for the elderly.

Balance training is thought to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, helping them to communicate with each other for cognitive development or reduced decline.

Studies have been particularly effective when the brain is used while balancing.  For example, while balancing on your CoolBoard, try counting backwards from 100, or saying the alphabet backwards, or even doing a crossword or Sudoku.

Read more about CoolBoard and Concentration Exercises, and Stress, Concentration & Creativity.

8, Increased Function for those with a Degenerative Disease

Recently CoolBoard has been used as part of a gym class helping those suffering with Multiple Scoliosis.  The gym classes have had some amazing results.  We will be adding more information soon.

8, Keep Mobile while you Sit

Reduce aches and pains, and promote circulation and flexibility.

Many of us spend a lot of time sitting each day, whether watching telly, working at a desk, or crafting at a table.

Use CoolBoard while you sit to keep the blood pumping and your legs in use.  You will notice the difference when you get up!

Read more about CoolBoard and Sitting Mobility.

Keep active and sharp as you age with CoolBoard

If you have any questions about what package to get, how to use it, or if its right for you, please feel free to call us on 0117 949 8338 or email us on [email protected].  There is also general information in our Buyers’ Guide.

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