keep mobile while you sit to improve circulation and reduce stiffness

Many of us spend too long sitting causing us stiffness and aches & pains, and a negative effect on our mobility and health.  Desk bound jobs, injury & health issues, reading, puzzles, telly and our devices, being in a wheelchair, all lead to many hours spent sedentary.

Not just stiffness, sitting for extended periods can lead to poor circulation, poor posture, loss of flexibility and generally reducing our mobility.  Being sedentary can lead to downward spiral of activity.

You can use CoolBoard Wobble Board while you sit to beat this cycle.  It’s an easy way to keep your lower limbs and joints mobile without having to stand – promoting circulation, flexibility & mobility and injury recovery – helping to reduce stiffness and aches & pains associated with long periods of sitting.

Any CoolBoard used on one of our Discs will provide you with the perfect solution to keep mobile while you sit.  CoolBoard provides an easy and natural movement so you can concentrate on what you want to be doing.

Feet, ankles, knees, hips, lower spine, calf and thigh muscles are all gently worked meaning you won’t seize up and your circulation will keep pumping around your legs.  Different movements will target different joints and muscles.

Three simple movements

Here are three simple movements you can do while sitting in an chair with your CoolBoard Wobble Board:

Toe to Heel Rock

Pushing down with your toes and then rocking back onto your heels will engage your ankles, calf muscles and feet.

Foot to Foot rock

Rocking from foot to foot will promote movement in your hips, knees and thighs.

Circular motion

Tilting CoolBoard in a circular motion will bring it all together providing complete lower body / leg mobility.  Just remember to go in the other direction as well, clockwise & anti-clockwise.

Remember to regularly change the movement to keep it fresh and keep working different joints and muscles.

Use it anywhere

You can easily slip this movement into your life all around the house and even take it on trips with you.  If portability is important to you please see our new Porto Boards.

Use CoolBoard at your desk, on the sofa, or by your bed to get you moving when you wake up.  Its also easy to use while in a wheelchair.

Because this movement requires virtually zero concentration you can continue to work, read, do puzzles and crosswords, knit, watch telly or chat while you do it.

There are many articles promoting stretches and exercises that can be done at your desk, e.g. 4 Hip Mobility Moves to Do When Sitting, and Sit all day? Try these desk stretches to loosen your hips, but most of these require you to stop working or reading and need a reasonable amount of fitness and mobility to do.  Using CoolBoard while you sit allows you to move without interrupting your flow and does not require you to change position or get up.

So as my mother now says – ‘Use it or loss it!’ – much more important in our sedentary lives and as we age, and easier to do with CoolBoard