Surf Training

surfer using his balance training to surf a wave at sunset

The multi-directional Surf Trainer

CoolBoard moves just like your surfboard

When you ride your surfboard it moves in all directions, rocking and sliding over the water.

Rail to rail (toe to heel) control is just as vital as fore to aft (foot to foot) for board control.

CoolBoard is the only surf balance board that gives you full balance control in all directions, both rock and slide – foot to foot and toe to heel.

Let’s face it, most of us spend very little time actually up on our surfboards, so some surf specific balance training can go a long way.  Improve between sessions, save on costly surf lessons, be ready to progress and enjoy!

Beware of lesser ‘surf balance boards’, ‘surf trainers’ and wobble boards with limited movement.  Roller balance boards only slide from foot to foot – no toe to heel.  Wobble boards only rock, no slide – just like our Easy Start Disc, but not as good.

Best Balance Boards for Surfers

Our recommendations for surfers

Beginner – CoolBoard with Standard Speed Ball and 30 cm Easy Start Disc

Intermediate – CoolBoard or Porto LT with Standard or Quickness Speed Ball

Expert – CoolBoard or Porto LT with Quickness Speed Ball

Bigger Balls give better performance – smaller Balls inspire more confidence and cost less.

CoolBoard board is our flagship with zero flex and is better for exercises. Porto LT is sleeker & lighter, has a little flex and is even more fun.

…having not surfed for a whole year, I was better than before! – how, by using my CoolBoard…

Andy – Customer

  • The best balance board for Surfers

    The worlds only 3D balance trainer – CoolBoard moves like your surf board – get on the Ball and forget the Roller!  Start easy on our Disc

  • Extra Benefits for Surfers

    Fantastic surf & core workout, pop-up training & fun at home or when the surf is flat!

  • Recommended by...

    From Beginners to Pros and even Surf Magazines!

See our unique 3D movement

Oh so simple – oh so effective!

Almost as handy as your leash!

…having great fun on it, it’s more challenging than [brand name roller] boards that’s for sure, way more of a work out from all angles, love it…

Tim Nunn – Editor – Wavelength Surf Magazine

Pop-up perfection

The key to a good pop-up is the ability to pop-up quickly and evenly without unsettling your surfboard.

Most of us have one arm stronger than the other so we naturally push harder with that arm.  This instantly tips your surfboard to one side making it start to turn and a successful pop-up unlikely.

Beginners often have a week pop-up, making the pop too slow, so the wave has broken before you’re up…

By doing push-ups on a CoolBoard you’ll train your body to push, or pop-up, evenly and quickly.  You can’t favour one arm, your arms and core will strengthen, your surfing will improve.

Surf Fitness at Home

CoolBoard exercises are highly effective because of that same 3D movement – targeting many more muscles than traditional exercises and always working your core.

You’ll increase your strength and endurance so you can surf for longer before you get too exhausted… making it easier to focus on good technique before you tire.

Train with CoolBoard so next time the conditions are right – don’t play catch-up – be ready!

Surf Workout for CoolBoard

13 Surf specific CoolBoard exercises – including tips for progression.

Fitness Benefits In detail

Your core connects all your major body parts and is where all your movement begins. Your joint stabilising structures give you the strength to control and move a limb (arm or leg) with accuracy. So having strong joint stabilising structures and core will allow you to move your body with more strength, power and accuracy – or to put in another way – SHRED HARDER FOR LONGER!

Instability training works these often under-developed areas of fitness, and because CoolBoard surf trainer offers more instability than other trainers (Bosu, wobble boards, other balance boards, swiss and gym balls, foam pads, etc) its way more effective – you must react to every little movement, constantly working all those little important muscles.

Just balancing on CoolBoard balance board fires up most muscles from your toes to your chest, including the all important joint stabilisers and core… our other exercises will allow you to further target these as well as working your upper body.

Sign showing risk of injury to surfers when surfing.

Surf Injury

Research has shown that a weak core and/or joint stabilising structures are major contributions to injuries – having a bulging bicep doesn’t mean you can control it! Prepare with CoolBoard and you’ll be less likely to suffer an injury.

Re-injury is common when these same aspects of strength haven’t been focused on, so if you’re recovering from injury, or think you have but occasionally feel a twinge… spend time on a CoolBoard to give your body the best chance…

Surf better with CoolBoard

We have many options to tailor your CoolBoard to your ability, size and budget.  If you have questions please read our Buyers’ Guide.

If you prefer to speak to a real person we’ve here to advise on options and to support you for as long as you have a CoolBoard – 0117 949 8338 or [email protected].

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