Bare Bones & Ball

All the thrills with none of the frills.  This beauty still outperforms all other balance boards, and retains the quality we are proud to put our name to.  Join the Bare Bones crew.


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All the Thrills…

The no-frills CoolBoard.  As pared back as we can make it whilst retaining our unique function and wonderful quality.  Our new Bare Bones balance board has been crafted unashamedly in the name of affordability.

Every design decision was taken to keep the price down and still provide the joys, thrills and benefits of proper 3d balance training, making it more accessible and attainable to more people.

The Ball.  The Bare Bones board design is based on marrying with our smallest 4 inch Standard Speed Ball, which costs exactly half as much as the Medium Size Balls, and a quarter of the Large Balls.  Does it have the same incredible hoverboard quality of our bigger Balls – not quite – but it works damn well, and is still far better than what any other manufacturer can supply.

Most people don’t realise that the Ball is the most important element of all CoolBoards.  Getting any ball to perform as a ball under a riders weight is tricky enough, most manufacturers fail at this first hurdle.  But getting the speed of movement right for everyday people to get going on, whilst providing enough challenge to keep riders entertained for years, is the ‘holy grail’ of any board on a ball, and we’re the only manufacturer to get it right.

Using a Small Ball with our other boards can feel twitchy in movement, making it a trickier to master and less relaxing.  Not so with the Bare Bones board.  This board has more flex to it, so the board flexes just a little around the Ball which calms the movement and makes it similar to the other boards on a Medium Size Ball, just not quite as silky.

This means you can chill and relax on the Bare Bones board on the Small Ball.  And if you are in the mood to really chuck this board around dynamically, the Bare Bones Board has a similar neat shape to the PortoLT, so you won’t catch a corner on the floor.

No Ring?!  All the other CoolBoards have our patented indented Ring on the underside, it acts as the safety stop to stop you rolling right off the Ball.  Bare Bones gets away with no ring, mainly due to using the Small Ball, but also due to how you’ll get started.

We all have an inherent feel for our own balance, you know when you are about to fall over, and the same counts here.  So start gently with a support, keep it fairly central to begin with, and get a feel for the movement.  Then you will start to feel the limits of your own balance, and push those limits if you choose.

The smaller Ball means the Ball won’t get anywhere near as close to the edge of the board before you feel that limit, giving a much bigger margin of error, and if you do over cook it, because you are so much closer to the floor, you won’t go flying, in fact you will probably keep your feet on the board!

No lovely squidgy zero wear grip-pad?  No.  Sorry.  They cost a lot!  And No varnish?  Same, varnishing takes almost as many man hours as the making of our other boards (that’s our quality 4 coats of lacquer, with nibbing between each, not the slap dash finish that most manufacturers seem to like).

You do not need the fancy grip-pad or the lovely varnish to get the best balance training, and this is why the Bare bones exists.  Being not varnished means the natural wood is inherently grippy enough, and we like to think the laser etched logo looks pretty good.

The whole board gets our same stringent attention, beautifully crafted by our hands from top quality birch ply, with lovely rounded and silky smooth edges, perfectly sanded, finished with the Bare Bones logo.  The naked wood looks, smells, and feels wonderful.

Bare Bones – the affordable CoolBoard.  Here to spread the joy to more people, making the world a happier, more balanced, and fitter place.

60 x 32 x 1.2cms, 1.6kgs.  Recommended max weight: 125kgs


The secret to the joys of 3d balancing, made with our secret formulas.  The solid rubbery Ball will last a lifetime, no pump, no pop, no misshape.  This boards come with the Small Size Standard Speed Ball, perfect for the majority of users.

Suitable for ‘up for it’ 10 – 80 year olds.  Also available as Board & Disc for a gentle start, or Board, Ball & Disc for both.

Other sizes and speeds of Ball are available as accessories, so you can add to your balance arsenal in the future.

Is it fun?

Yes, very!  It’s simply impossible to explain in words, there is something unique and highly addictive about the movement of a good board on a good ball.  Whether you ride it gently or more dynamically, its in another league compared with roller or stationary balance boards.  It even makes exercises far more engaging.

Is it beneficial?

Oh yes!  This is the beauty of true 3d movement.  So many more muscles will be firing away to control that movement, so it really strengthens up stabilising muscles around joints, targets the core, and if you really want, hits those obliques with a sliding plank!

Is it Difficult?

This all depends on how you approach it.  With instruction and a good support we have had 80 year old grandmothers up and happily balancing away within 10 minutes.  Any balance trainer will require you to learn new skills, it’s the challenge that improves us.  Yes, it’s a little shock to begin with, but unlike many balance trainers, it’s a lot of fun and very beneficial, so it’s well worth the effort, and it will keep you coming back for more for years to come.


Not just for Christmas, and definitely not for the cupboard!  We believe in producing products that will not only last a lifetime, but will keep getting used and keep looking enticing.  This makes any product a joy to own, more economical over the years, and saves the planet.

Your Board is engineered, by hand in our workshop in Bristol, UK, from high quality birch ply – one of the strongest plys there is – to a very high standard.  We want you still use and love your CoolBoard in 5 or 15 years’ time.

CoolBoard balance board Workout and Instructions

Core Workout & Instructions

Quick to learn with our fully illustrated instructions

Exercises – not just for standing – CoolBoard will give your Core and Joint Stabilisers the best workout possible – the magic of 3D movement!

Perform Better, live longer, be happier

…OH MY!!!! i have been teaching board sports for years now, I’ve tried every balance board ever made, they are all okay but nothing comes close to the coolboard…

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