Large CoolBoard & Ball

Largest safety ring for maximum movement over Ball – best for UK7 EU41 US8 shoe and above / adventurous smaller footed people – read more detail below


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The perfect 3D balance & core trainer

The worlds best balance board featuring – unique, fun and highly beneficial 3d movement, kept safe by the ring – beautifully engineered rock solid board with our unique DuraSoft top for comfortable balance – smooth rounded edges for comfortable exercising.  This design has been steadily honed for over 15 years.

Large Size Board

Preferred by larger people, the Large CoolBoard gives plenty of space for foot positioning, and has a good sized ring to give you plenty of balance movement, but not too much!  Shoe sizes UK7+ EU41+ US8+ can take the Ball anywhere in the ring without quite reaching your balance limit.

Also liked by smaller people who are adventurous and / or into boardsports.  The bigger ring will allow you to push beyond your limits!  If the board is to be shared by a mix of shoe sizes I generally recommend this Large size and just warn the smaller footed people to be aware and keep it more centred.

70 x 36 x 2.5cms, 3.0kgs.  Recommended max weight: 150kgs


Gorgeous, silky, addictive movement…   ‘feels like a hoverboard’ is a common comment.  There is just nothing like the joyous movement of this Ball, you’ve got to try it to believe it.

The Standard Speed Medium Size Ball is just right to get you going easily enough, whilst offering a challenge that will keep you coming back for more, for years, the Goldilocks ball.

Our Balls are the oft unsung hero of CoolBoard, the key to making a board on a ball work for everyday people, or work full stop, and we are the only people on the planet to get this vital element right.  Too hard and the movement is too fast for most mortals.  Too soft and it simply stops acting as a ball, making a pointless compromised wobble board.

This is why we developed our unique range of Balls, they are key to CoolBoard’s function, and it’s why we stopped supplying the severely compromised, inconsistent and annoying inflatable balls.

Expensive to make, alas there is no ‘off the shelf’ alternative, but they are ready to give you smiles and benefits everyday.  No pump, no pop, no misshape, just hop on and smile.

Suitable for ‘up for it’ 10 – 80 year olds.  Also available as Board & Disc for a gentle start, or Board, Ball & Disc for both.

Other sizes and speeds of Ball are available as accessories, so you can add to your balance arsenal in the future.

Is it fun?

Yes, very!  It’s simply impossible to explain in words, there is something unique and highly addictive about the movement of a good board on a good ball.  Whether you ride it gently or more dynamically, its in another league compared with roller or stationary balance boards.  It even makes exercises far more engaging.

Is it beneficial?

Oh yes!  This is the beauty of true 3d movement.  So many more muscles will be firing away to control that movement, so it really strengthens up stabilising muscles around joints, targets the core, and if you really want, hits those obliques with a sliding plank!

Is it Difficult?

This all depends on how you approach it.  With instruction and a good support we have had 80 year old grandmothers up and happily balancing away within 10 minutes.  Any balance trainer will require you to learn new skills, it’s the challenge that improves us.  Yes, it’s a little shock to begin with, but unlike many balance trainers, it’s a lot of fun and very beneficial, so it’s well worth the effort, and it will keep you coming back for more for years to come.


Not just for Christmas, and definitely not for the cupboard!  We believe in producing products that will not only last a lifetime, but will keep getting used and keep looking enticing.  This makes any product a joy to own, more economical over the years, and saves the planet.

Your Board is engineered, by hand in our workshop in Bristol, UK, from high quality birch ply – one of the strongest plys there is – to a very high standard.  It is then finished with 4 coats of durable lacquer.  Finally the DuraSoft top is added.  You will notice the graphics and logo run right through the DuraSoft, so there’s no printing to rub off and look scabby.

Yes, it all costs a bit more, but we would rather you still use and love your CoolBoard in 5 or 15 years’ time.

product details

CoolBoard balance board Top and bottom image

Rock solid Balance Platform

Perfect stance, supports whole foot, flat ends for confident starts

New DuraSoft grip – comfortable & grippy – no printing to wear off

25mm thick quality Birch Ply handmade in UK

Comfortable to hold for the Exercises

Zero flex and will last a lifetime

Size specific for more fun on the Ball

Ball – 3D balance nirvana

The secret to effective balance & core training is unrestricted movement.  Forget the roller and join the 3D (r)evolution.

Years to develop and expensive to manufacture – the only Balls to balance on!

Use on a soft / squidgy surface (carpet / exercise mat) to slow the movement while you get used to it.

Different size and speed Balls are available as accessories so you can add to your package in the future.

CoolBoard balance board Workout and Instructions

Core Workout & Instructions

Quick to learn with our fully illustrated instructions

Exercises – not just for standing – CoolBoard will give your Core and Joint Stabilisers the best workout possible – the magic of 3D movement!

Perform Better, live longer, be happier

…OH MY!!!! i have been teaching board sports for years now, I’ve tried every balance board ever made, they are all okay but nothing comes close to the coolboard…

SUP Instructor

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