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The Wobble Board & Standing Desk Balance Board – Re-imagined by CoolBoard

Traditional wobble boards are useful… just not much fun to use, so they generally don’t get used… so not so useful after all!  Equally Standing Desk Balance Boards are quite one dimensional and not adjustable, often ending up in the cupboard.  We have righted these wrongs in one, so it’s now a joy to bring balance training into your life and keep it there.

Use it in front of the telly, at a standing desk, or with some music on…  A few minutes a day will leave you energised, strengthened, clear minded and refreshed, without having to leave home or work up a sweat.

Because balance training works all the stabilising muscles that support your feet, ankles, knees, hips and spine, not to mention constantly working your core strength, balance training is fantastic for getting rid of aches and pains, including back pain, as well as increasing balance and agility, which is why physiotherapists recommend wobble boards and balance exercises.

CoolBoard on Disc can also be used while sitting to bring the benefits of movement to your chair or sofa.  Reduce aches and stiffness, and promote circulation and healing. Whether you sit for work or due to injury or illness, keeping the blood pumping and muscles gently moving can be a big help.

Large Size Board

Preferred by larger people and safe to use by anyone.  Beautifully engineered rock solid board with our unique DuraSoft top for comfortable balance and smooth rounded edges for comfortable exercising.  This design has been steadily honed for over 15 years.

The Board has the indented ring, so you can safely add a Ball in the future if you want to take the next step, just be aware people with UK6 EU40 US7 or less will needs to use with care on the Ball, and may prefer the Medium CoolBoard.

70 x 36 x 2.5cms, 3.0kgs.  Recommended max weight: 150kgs


The beauty of the Discs is the movement they give.  Traditional wobble boards suffer with very no/off movement, often impossible to keep level and frustrating to use.  Our inflatable Discs offer a far more progressive and rounded movement, so CoolBoard on Disc is far more enjoyable, encouraging you to use and benefit from it.

Both Discs are high quality and fully adjustable with the included pump, so you can increase the balance challenge as your skills and strengths grow.  With an almost flat 40cm Disc we have helped recovering stroke victims.  With a highly inflated 30cm Disc we’ve pushed Olympians!

Is it fun?

Oh yes!  Take the chore out wobble boards and add joy.  Anyone can jump on and get going, enjoying the benefits of balance training.  Use it as a home gym, in front of your standing desk, while watching your favourite show, even while sitting.

Is it beneficial?

Yes, very!  This is the beauty of true 3d movement.  So many more muscles will be firing away to control the movement, so it strengthens up stabilising muscles around joints, targets the core, and if you really want, it even makes exercises far more engaging and effective.

Is it Difficult?

Not at all.  If you can stand you can balance, just start with low inflation on the 40cm Disc and go from there.  A support to hold onto is rarely if ever needed.


Not just for Christmas, and definitely not for the cupboard!  We believe in producing products that will not only last a lifetime, but will keep getting used and keep looking enticing.  This makes any product a joy to own, more economical over the years, and saves the planet.

Your Board is engineered, by hand, from high quality birch ply – one of the strongest plys there is – to a very high standard.  It is then finished with 4 coats of durable lacquer.  Finally the DuraSoft top is added.  You will notice the graphics and logo run right through the DuraSoft, so there’s no printing to rub off and look scabby.

Yes, it all costs a bit more, but we would rather you still love your CoolBoard in 5 or 15 years’ time.

product details

Peter Smith, 75, on his CoolBoard Wobble Board. He is doing balance exercise for elderly on the Easy Start Balance Disc using a chair for support.

Video showing Disc adjustability

Easy Start Balance Disc

The perfect easy start for anyone to start balance training.

Easily adjustable with included pump or by mouth – Adjusts height, tilt angle & stability simultaneously.  Start at your level and increase the challenge as you improve.

40 cm Disc is more stable

30 cm Disc is more nimble

Can be used Standing, Sitting and for the exercises.

I’m very pleased with it – it’s great fun! I’m very glad I opted for the easy start disc as it made the board less daunting to start using, especially for my Mum who is a pensioner. She’s hooked already!

Nikki – customer

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