Developed for CoolBoard – the perfect balance ball



Smooth and consistent movement – always ready to go – no pumping or replacing.

Our Balls are solid Polyurethane, smooth and consistent movement with zero maintenance and will last a lifetime.


Slow Pro Balls give a slow and deliberate speed of movement that is good for early starters and rehabilitation.

Standard Pro Balls give a speed of movement that most people find a good challenge.

Quickness Pro Balls give a faster speed of movement. Great to really push you balance training and workouts.

Speed will be slowed down by using it on a soft surface – an exercise mat or bit of thick carpet, and sped up by using on a hard surface – laminate flooring. In this way you can alter the speed as you progress.


Small – 100mm – confidence inspiring by keeping you close to the floor, but dynamic use will mean the corners of your CoolBoard can catch the floor. Too small for most exercises.

Medium – 125mm – great for balance work but a little small for some exercises.

Large – 150mm – giving the best movement for balancing and perfect for exercising – our best ball.

introducing CoolBoard

The world’s only true 360° balance board, and the best for a full body workout that improves core strength.