the perfect Balls – uniquely developed for CoolBoard

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Often overlooked – the Ball is the most important part of your set-up – treat yourself to a different balance vibe!

Made to our secret formulas, these balls are the key to true 3D balance training & fun, and are only available here.

Smooth and consistent movement – always ready to go – no pumping no popping no misshaping – ever.  These solid rubbery balls are the only balls to balance on.

Will last a lifetime guaranteed – Human, pit-bull and terrier tested!

Add to your CoolBoard arsenal.  All Balls have a different feel and character.  My Ball choice depends on my mood how I feel physically.

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Slow Speed Balls (violet) give a slow and deliberate movement that is good for strength work, long term rehabilitation, and for people that don’t get on with the Standard Speed.  Fitness fanatics – think slow twitch muscle fibers.  Less agility, more strength.

Standard Speed Balls (burgundy) give a speed of movement that most people find a good challenge but not too challenging, and are great fun.  Sitting between the Slow and Quickness, for many people its the only speed they need, and its the speed all of our balance boards come with as standard.  You’ll be working both strength and agility in balance.

Quickness Speed Balls (orange) give a faster speed of movement. Great to really push your balance training and workouts.  However good you get these are very difficult to hold still, so they will always work you.  Extreme agility.  As the challenge grows – so do the thrills!  Fitness fanatics – think fast twitch muscle fibers.

Speed can be slowed down by using it on a soft surface – an exercise mat or bit of thick carpet, and sped up by using on a hard surface – laminate flooring. In this way you can alter the speed as you progress.


This is where it gets a bit tricky to explain – sorry for all the words!  Changing the size of the Ball has several effects that sometimes play off against each other, and a small change can make quite a difference!

Large Balls – ask 10 CoolBoard riders and 9 will say they prefer the Large Ball – why?

The Large Ball just feels great.  The movement feels extra silky and smooth, its even more addictive!  For any given Speed it will be fractionally less nimble than the Medium Size in the same Speed due to its extra weight and surface area.  Large Balls also take more effort and confidence to get up onto – the pop-up – but once you are up – simply lovely.  Personally I think they are a little to big for the Medium CoolBoard.

Large CoolBoard Balls are 2.2kgs and 150mm in diameter.

Medium Size Balls – the size we supply with all packages – why?

The Medium Size Balls offer the best balance between performance, confidence and price.  They still have a lovely silky movement, just not quite as lovely as the Large, and they don’t have the twitchy movement of the Small Balls.  They are not as easy to pop onto as the Small, but the pop feels more than manageable for most people, and it doesn’t feel the extra hike like the Large Balls.

Medium CoolBoard Balls are 1.2kgs and 125mm in diameter.

Small Balls – Ideally the portable solution.  Weighing in at just 0.7kgs and only 100mm in diameter they will slip into any bag.  They also keep you much closer to the ground, inspiring confidence to pop up, and while riding because you can almost always touch the edge of the board to the floor without it feeling scary.  The trade off?  Being so light and small they are more nimble and twitchy in use – almost feels like going up a speed, but different.

We’d very rarely recommend pairing a Small Ball with the Large CoolBoard – if you ride it dynamically you may catch the corner of the board on the floor, stopping you suddenly mid-ride – not nice!

Small CoolBoard Balls are 0.7kgs and 100mm in diameter.

I had a customer who could not choose between sizes, so he got a Quickness Ball in ALL three sizes.  After a few months I asked for feedback, and he said he loved them all for the differences in feel, but could not explain why!

Other manufacturers use different sizes, both bigger and smaller.  After 17 years of CoolBoard development and use I feel confident we have nailed it.  Most importantly – do not get an inflatable ball – there is simply no comparison, and I would never go back to using or selling an inflatable ball.  You can read why here…..*****

introducing CoolBoard

Medium CoolBoard balance board with Ball and Disc

If you have found this page directly, you might want to checkout our balance board packages or home page.  CoolBoard is the world’s only true 360° balance board – xtra thrills with xtra benefits – the best for any sport and a full body workout that improves core strength like nothing else.

Skill Board Balance Board Ball Replacement

Due to the imperfect nature of using an inflatable ball to balance on, many Skill Board users ask which CoolBoard Ball is best to upgrade to.  Personally I would always recommend using a CoolBoard Board with a CoolBoard Ball for good reason – they were designed to go together, CoolBoard offers the safety ring, and is much higher quality.  But if you want to give your Skill Board a new lease of life I’d recommend:

The Skill Board

Our Large Size Ball in any speed, most riders will prefer the Standard Speed.  Due to the size of The Skill Board, if you use a smaller Ball it is likely you will catch the corner of the board on the floor, stopping you abruptly mid-ride – not so good!  So Go Large!

The Skill Board Mini

Go for any size CoolBoard Ball.  For everyday use I’d recommend the Medium Size, and for the ultimate in portability I’d go for the Small Size.  Again, pick your Speed depending on your skill level and how much challenge you want.


Because CoolBoard Balls actually roll properly you may find the experience a bit different, and certainly a whole lot better – smooth and consistent movement for life!  This may mean a little re-learning is needed.  By all means, check out our How-To section for tips….