Standing Balance

‘Simply’ balancing on your CoolBoard is a fantastic workout for your body below mid spine, whilst also training your balance and proprioception.  Wondrous for all of us.

Great on our Disc – Even better when you progress onto one of our Balls

While balancing you’ll be working all the major muscles of your legs, along with your balance and proprioception.

More importantly your core strength and stability, all of your joint stabiliser muscles in your legs, feet and your lower spine will all be worked.

Perfect for lower back pain, knee injuries, etc, and a good way to help you avoid them in the future.

At the moment I’ve only been using the Balance Disc, as I’m only really getting used to having movement back in my ankle, never mind any kind of control just yet. But this thing is working wonders, it really is. Chris Baines

Once you’ve got the hang of it you can add moves – controlled movement of the CoolBoard, a squat, holding or catching a ball… put some tunes on and enjoy!  The options are endless…