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proprioception - our sixth sense

Otherwise known as our sixth sense, proprioception is our sense of limb and body position and acceleration. Unlike our other senses it is unconscious - probably because it must process so much information constantly. increasing performance:

Whenever we learn a new move, whether for dance, sport, work, or whatever, it is very conscious to begin with, often needing a look to verify we are doing it right. Then the move becomes more natural, unconscious and accurate with repetition, and this shows our proprioceptive system has begun to learn the move.

Eventually we fully internalise the move, freeing our conscious to concentrate on other elements, where our team mates are for example, enabling our game to be raised further. Thus the ability to play at our peak requires a well developed proprioceptive system. preventing and recovering from injury:

Likewise, our proprioceptive system kicks in when injury is about. Firstly, a well developed proprioceptive system will reduce the chance of injury in the first place by not allowing us to complete a move that will injure us.

Secondly, if we do injure ourselves, our proprioceptive system will have been damaged in the same area. To regain our full strength and control we must fix our proprioception. This will get the injured part back on track, and make re-injury much less likely.

...and why is CoolBoard so good for proprioception?

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for a more in depth look at proprioception see: Wikipedia - Proprioceptor

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