In Chemmy’s own words…

  • I’ve been 3 times Olympian

    I’ve been a part of the British ski team for 13 years

    I’ve been using many balance trainers for over 10 years

    (CoolBoard) is by far the best (balance trainer).

    (CoolBoard) is the most ski specific and fantastic preparation for skiing.

    We (the British ski Team) use CoolBoard regularly.

    Chemmy Alcott

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introducing CoolBoard

CoolBoard balance trainer

The world’s only true 360° balance board, and the best for Skiers and Snowboarders. If you’re a Skier you can find out why here, and Snowboarders here.

Ski & Snowboard Workout for CoolBoard

ski exercise fitness workout snowboard exercise fitness workout for coolboard balance board

Boost your Ski Fitness with our Ski Specific Workout Booklet.  Get 12 Ski specific exercises to do with your CoolBoard.  All exercises include tips for progression.