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skier skiing after doing CoolBoard Balance Board Ski Exercises

“the most ski specific… fantastic preparation for skiing”

Ski workouts – let’s make it enjoyable & effective

Most people go skiing with little prep, the wrong prep, or no prep at all – leading to 3 days aches & pains, a lack of control, and increased injury risk – all putting a potential dampener on that expensive holiday.

Ski exercises with CoolBoard balance board are not only ‘incredibly effective for ski fitness’ (Times-On-Line), they can also add a dose of fun.  Just a few minutes a day will do it, ideally over a few weeks or longer, but even just a few days will make a difference.

CoolBoard is not only the worlds best balance board, it’s also a surprisingly effective strength and conditioning tool due to the unique 3D movement.  Standing balance will do your stabilisation, legs, and core a lot of good.  Doing the additional exercises will give you a full body workout perfect for the piste.

Feel the flow from day one and get more from your skiing holiday by being physically prepared.   Increase your ski finesse, performance and stamina, reduce aches and pains, and lower the chance of injury.

With a CoolBoard you can achieve this from the comfort of your home, gym, or office, and even take it to your chalet for some apres shenanigans…

Introducing our unique 2-in-1 Balance Boards

easy & enjoyable on Disc

Target all stabilisation muscles and tendons in your legs, spine and core, with our Disc’s easy, adjustable and effective movement – squats optional!

Totally safe – it’s almost impossible to fall off

thrilling & challenging on Ball

Step up to next level ski fit – the unique movement of our Ball supercharges the workout

Takes a few goes to get the hang of – but then it’s darn right addictive!

Best Balance Boards for Skiers

Benefits of CoolBoard for Skiers

  • more fun for longer on your skis
  • feeling in control of your skis and body from day 1
  • reduce aches and pains
  • increase control, balance, agility & mental focus
  • strengthen knees, ankles, hips, spine and more
  • increase core strength and stability
  • injury prevention
  • greater proprioception
  • increase muscle memory
  • a lot of fun in your living room / office / gym

I’ve been 3 times Olympian, I’ve been using many balance trainers for over 10 years, and CoolBoard is by far best. It’s the most ski specific and fantastic preparation for skiing. We (the British Ski Team) use CoolBoard regularly.

Chemmy Alcott – Britain’s four-time Olympic skier

Balance & Control – for a bigger smile

Skiing calls on many parts of the body that often get ignored for the rest of the year – joint stability, core strength, leg and glutes, balance and proprioception.  All those poor little stabilising muscles and tendons will get a shock.  But let’s be fair, most skiing workouts are not exactly inspiring, dynamic or fun.

Let the patented multi-directional movement of CoolBoard help you get in the mood, and into condition.  Similar to your skis, CoolBoard will constantly move around underneath you, so you’ll be working all the right physical attributes, as confirmed by Chemmy, TeamGB, and the Times-On-Line.

You can take it easy and use CoolBoard on our adjustable Balance Disc, or you can up the ante and use it on our Ball.  The Disc will do your Skiing a lot of good…. the Ball supercharges both the physical benefits as well as the fun factor.  Get all the options with one of our fantastic 2-1 packages.

man in gym clothes riding coolboard balance board in very balanced way
Image showing a body scan of a knee injury

Ski Injury & Prevention

Skiing constantly loads your body eccentrically (off-balance), which you want to be prepared for.  Research shows a weak core and/or joint stabilising structures are major contributors to ski related injuries – a bulging quad doesn’t necessarily mean you can control it.

The unique movement of CoolBoard targets these structures that enable you to hold correct form while also protecting you from the eccentric loads of skiing – core strength, joint stabilisation, balance and proprioception – meaning you’ll be less likely to suffer an injury.

Re-injury is common when these aspects of strength haven’t been focused on during recovery, so if you’re recovering from injury, or think you have but occasionally feel a twinge… spend a bit of time on CoolBoard to give your body the best chance and get back to your best ski fitness…

Read more about CoolBoard and Core Strength, Joint Strength, Proprioception, Injury Recovery & Prevention

Taking it further – exercises

Achieve a dependable functional fitness that will pay dividends on the slopes.  CoolBoard Ski exercises – lunges, calf raises, squats, pelvic rises and more – become far more effective and ski specific due to the added movement and instability of CoolBoard.

This patented instability means you will work your body in a more balanced way, not just the major muscles, but also the myriad of small stabilising muscles and your core, which when combined allow our bodies to hold good form when under pressure.

No other product allows you to work your body like this, and you can do these ski exercises almost anywhere.  Due to the progressive nature of CoolBoard you can start easy and increase the level of instability as you progress.  Best of all, the engaging nature of CoolBoard makes sticking to your regime more likely!

The included 7-step workout will give you a great start in your ski fitness training, then you can step up to our Ski Specific Workout to give yourself the best pre-ski training.

Ski & Snowboard Workout for CoolBoard

Boost your Ski Fitness with our Ski Specific Workout Booklet.  Get 12 Ski specific exercises to do with your CoolBoard.  All exercises include tips for progression.

Times-on-Line Ski Fit Product Test

Wanting to evaluate ski fitness products against effectiveness and price, Times-On-Line arranged their ski and fitness experts to test products ranging from £10 to £2000.

After putting the products and themselves through the paces two products came out on top and were worthy of their recommendation – CoolBoard was one – the other costing ten times as much!  We’ll take that as a win thank you!

In their words, the ski and fitness experts “instantly felt CoolBoard working all the right muscles for skiers and snowboarders, especially the all important but often overlooked joint stabilising muscles and core strength, while also improving essential balance skills.”

High accolade indeed, and what led us to working with the Team GB Skiers!


Final words by Ed Drake

Ed Drake – four-time British champion and Olympian

‘there are many small movements in skiing that are hard to replicate in the gym… so to have CoolBoard which works these muscles is fantastic’

‘CoolBoard has been crucial to my training…. and I can feel the benefits in balance and stability when skiing’

‘CoolBoard adds spice and variety to training’

‘I used CoolBoard for knee rehab – CoolBoard is a great step – it works the small muscles and adds stability’

‘Axel Lund Svindal – hard to get him off the thing!!!’

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