Ski exercises

Ski Exercises

As recommended by the Times Ski & Fitness experts - CoolBoard works all the right muscles and tendons while helping with control. Perfect preparation.
surfer at sunset cruising down a wave

Surf Training

CoolBoard was originally developed as a surf balance trainer - and it's the best you'll get due to our unique and patent protected movement. Since then we've been stoked to see how much good it also does for your surf fitness and pop-up training.
Lady on her Stand Up Paddle Board using her balance training to balance on her SUP on the sea

Home SUP Training

Stand Up Paddle Boarding is all about balancing on an unstable board while paddling - and enjoying being on the water. This requires balance and core strength.
Kitesurfing equipment

Wakeboard, Windsurfing, Kitesurfing and SUP

When you ride your board it moves in all directions - CoolBoard is the only UK balance board that gives you full balance control in all directions, so forget the roller and get on the ball!
Snowboarding balance board exercises

Snowboarding Exercises

CoolBoard is the free motion balance board that will hone your board skills like nothing else off the snow - uniquely able to move foot to foot and toe to heel for that essential rail to rail control. Forget roller and spin based decks - CoolBoard